Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey 4th July fun

Jim Carrey celebrated the Fourth of July in style by hosting a beach party at his Malibu home. Jim’s daughter Jane brought his new grandson Riley Santana, who Jim proudly showed off to guests that included Lisa Kudrow, Gary Oldman among other guests.

Awww, how cute!  Congrats Jim!

Everyone’s Favorite Couple Just Broke Up

It’s reported that the latest Hollywood couple to call it quits is Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. Insert sad face here!

According to reports, the two announced the breakup of their five-year relationship on Twitter, and their publicists have confirmed the split. Unfortunately, it’s pretty official at this point.

Carrey, 48, says that he wishes McCarthy “the very best!” and McCarthy, 37, said she “will always keep Jim as a leading man in my heart.” The two say they are grateful for the time they spent together and McCarthy added that she would remain involved in Carrey’s adult daughter’s life.

Snaps from the Saturday Night Spectacular

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy co-hosted the “Saturday Night Spectacular” event at the Bank of America Tower in Miami, Florida, to benefit the Generation Rescue Foundation. Jim and Jenny are my absolute favorite Hollywood couple, and things like this just go to prove why they deserve everyone’s admiration.

Tons of celebs were partying last night before the Super Bowl, but Jim and Jenny decided to donate their time to help out a good cause. How awesome is that?!

Jim Carrey is a Visionary, Jenny McCarthy is a Vision

Jim Carrey was honored at the UCLA Neurosurgery Visionary Ball last night, although I can’t tell you what for. I didn’t realize the neurosurgeons and comedians ran in the same circles, but I mostly hang out with boozehounds and lawyers, so what do I know?

Of course, the star of the show was Jenny McCarthy. JENNY! Can you believe this woman is a 36-year-old mother? She looks better than she did during her Singled Out days. Good for her, and good for Jim for catching her. They’re probably one of my favorite couples in Hollywood (I mean, how could they NOT be?).

Jim Carrey Celebrates Christmas in May

Jim Carrey had a photocall for A Christmas Carol, which is being shown at the Cannes Film Festival. He got to throw around some snowballs, then ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Jenny McCarthy. Colin Firth and Robin Wright Penn were also there for the event.

Usually, I get pretty jealous when I see pictures of celebrities doing cool things, but I’m not all in this case. Last night there was a frost advisory where I live, so I’m definitely over cold weather. Bring on summer!

Jim Carrey at the London Premiere of the Yes Man

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Earlier today, London celebrated the premiere of Jim Carrey’s new movie, The Yes Man. If I were there, I’d have celebrated too! I loooooves me some Jim Carrey, and I love him even more for dating Jenny McCarthy. They’ve got to be the coolest couple in Hollywood.

I mean, who else can say that they’ve hosted a show like Singled Out?! Okay, Chris Hardwick and Carmen Electra can say that, but they’re fairly awesome, too. Carmen even has her own line of stripper poles.

Also, people always talk about how funny Jim Carrey is. But you know what? He’s damn sexy, too. I can’t believe how many readers got their panties in a bundle over Hugh Laurie, but not so much over Jim. I’d take Jim Carrey any day.

Jim Carrey Loves Philip Morris


blog_carrey_filming_miami08.jpg blog_carrey_filming_miami26.jpg blog_carrey_filming_miami20.jpg

We found Jim Carrey on the set of I Love You Phillip Morris in the Art Deco District of Ocean Drive on Miami Beach. The movie is the story of Steven Russel, a married man and father of one who fell in love with his cell mate, Phillip Morris. Russel had always known he was gay and when he and Morris were thrown together in a prison in Houston sparks fly. The book in which the movie is based on chronicles Russel’s spectacular prison breaks in which he will do everything he can to be with the released Morris, each break taking place on a Friday the 13th.

Welcome to the USA! Love, TomKat



blog_beckham_party01.jpg blog_tom_katie03.jpg blog_beckham_party24.jpg blog_beckham_party21.jpg blog_eva_longoria02.jpg blog_carrey_mccarthy01.jpg blog_carrey_mccarthy05.jpg blog_beckham_party28.jpg blog_beckham_party25.jpg

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hosted a gathering of Hollywood heavy weights to welcome David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles. The invitation-only party was held ad the Museum Of Contemporary Arts, Geffen Contemporary, in downtown Los Angeles.

The celeb guest list included Will and Jada Smith, Brooke Shields, director Ron Howard, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy and newly wed Eva Longoria.

Jim Carrey’s Puppy Love


blog_jim_carrey03.jpg blog_jim_carrey09.jpg blog_jim_carrey10.jpg

Jim Carrey has his hands full with two new bundles of joy. His puppies kept him busy during a stroll on the beach near his home. Carrey took the puppies onto the sand to introduce them to two larger dogs. And, of course, puppies will be puppies as Jim had to keep pulling seaweed out of their mouths!