Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne at the Re-Opening of the Swatch Store

As a child of the 80s, I am and always will be a HUGE fan of Swatch watches. Over the years, I’ve had dozens of them — and I still have several that I occasionally wear. Apparently, I’m not the only one!

Kelly Osbourne was out at the grand re-opening of NYC’s Swatch store. The Dancing with the Stars finalist (you go, girl!) brought her dog along with her, which perfectly matched her outfit. Does anyone else love her hat as much as I do? I kind of want one.

Lazy Fashion Tips for Kelly Osbourne

Hey Kelly,

Listen, you’ve been looking great lately. Spectacular, even. So when I saw these pictures of you standing outside of a newsstand in West Hollywood yesterday, I have to admit that I was a little surprised. Disappointed, even. Horizontal stripes? Really? Aw, honey. Come on, now. We both know you’re better than that.

The next time you have to run somewhere, and don’t feel like getting all gussied up (believe me, I feel you!), do what I do: put on a pair of black gym pants (not shorts, they’re not as flattering), a tee shirt and a zip up hoodie. You can either wear flip flops or sneakers, take your pick.

You’ll look like you just got back from the gym, and everyone knows you’re allowed to look like crap after you work out. Instantly, you’re excused. This is what I do every day. Right now, I’m at Panera typing this out. My hair is in a frizzy ponytail, I’m not wearing any makeup and I’m hoovering a Caesar salad like somebody’s going to come by and steal it from me soon.

But do I look lazy? HELL NO! I look like I just ran a marathon or something. The awesome part of it all is that nobody has the guts to even think about shooting me a dirty look — because they know I’m ready for action and will probably rumble. For all they know, I’m listening to Eye of the Tiger on repeat and gearing up to kick some serious ass. So, Kell-Belle (may I call you that?), ditch the skirt and pick up some Nike pants. Maybe even throw some iPod headphones in. Trust me, people will respect you more for it.


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Kelly Osbourne Gets Her Practice On

Kelly Osbourne and got up bright and early this morning to go rehearse for her Dancing with the Stars debut, and sister looks GREAT! It’s nice to see that she’s continuing the Tour d’Fabulous that she started last week, and she’s thinner than I’ve ever seen her before. Those dancing workouts must do a body good.

I mean, look what she looked like back in April (only five months ago). She’s really come a long way!

Kelly Osbourne at the DWTS Pre-Party at CoCo Deville

Kelly Osbourne hit up the Dancing with the Stars pre-party at CoCo Deville. Her friend was holding Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble CD… maybe that’s the first song she’ll be dancing to? Regardless, she must be practicing a lot because it looks like sister friend lost a ton of weight. Kelly hasn’t looked this hot in, well, ever. You go, girl! Work it out!

I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat for this, but I think the best reality competition show is So You Think You Can Dance? Kat Deeley hosts circles around everyone else (including you, Ryan Secrest), and that Mary judge lady is my favorite person on TV. Dancing with the Stars is a close second and I’m sure this season is going to be fantastic, but those kids on SYTYCD (worst acronym ever) are amazing.

The Osbournes Are In LA

Jack and Kelly Osbourne are in LA this weekend, and the two hit the town last night, seperately. Jack was sporting a beard (perhaps for the playoffs? GO PENS!) at Madeos, while Kelly hit My House (the club, not literally my home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh).

I kind of dig her spiky blonde hair and I’m 100% in love with her glittery heels — I’m like a crow, I go for anything shiny or sparkly — but considering her battles with addiction, I’m not sure that a club is the right place for her to be. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she stays on the right track and doesn’t end up in rehab again.

Kim Kardashian and Kelly Osbournes: BFF?

Kim Kardashian and Kelly Osbourne are apparently friends, and the new BFFs attended the launch party for Pepsi Throwback retro drink at World on Wheels. Pepsi Throwback packaging features a retro look and is sweetened with natural sugar, just as they were back in the ’60s and ’70s, to give consumers a taste of the past (or so says their marketing gurus).

I want NEED those leggings that Kim is wearing. I’d wear those things everywhere! The grocery store, church (I’d go, specifically to wear them there), the gym…the possibilities of me in those pants are literally endless. The only place I wouldn’t wear them is to court, because I’d almost certainly be found guilty of being too fabulous for words.

The Osbournes at LAX

osbourne_lax_mx004052009_1.jpg Please link to

The whole Osbourne clan, sans Jack and with Luke Worrell, were at LAX yesterday after leaving Miami. Wonder if they were on the same flight at A.C. Slater? I’d die if I saw him on a plane. And then I’d try to run my fingers through his ex-mullety hair.

I am really over Kelly and Luke right now. After seeing them get all up close and personal in the pool the other day, I’ve reached my PDA limit and can no longer take them making out in public. And those hats! THOSE HATS! I’m done. I can’t take any more.

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrell’s PDA Day

osbourne_pool_mx004012009_1.jpg Please link to

Oh, were you eating? Sorry about that. I think I’ve lost my appetite for a while, too.

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrell were all up in each other’s business yesterday at a hotel pool. In some of these pictures, it looks like she’s topless. Let me assure you, she had a halter top on the entire time. At least, that’s what I keep repeating to myself, while rocking back and forth in the corner.

And I can’t even bring increase the size of the thumbnail that shows her sucking her thumb. It’s just too much for me to handle right now.

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrell Hit the Beach

kelly_osbourne_miami_mx0033109_831.jpg Please link to

While her mom was off earning a paycheck, Kelly Osbourne and her man friend, Luke Worrell, took in some time at the beach. It’s good to see that Chris Brown isn’t the only one who likes to jet ski in Florida! The recently-rehabbed Kelly took some lessons before jetting around the ocean by herself in jean shorts (with SUSPENDERS?!).

Shorts, really? For looking as good as she has lately, I was kind of expecting to see her prance around the beach in a bikini!

Kelly Osbourne Looks Really Happy

gt_mx012172008_5.jpg Please link to

Kelly Osbourne is so pale, all I see is a giant red mouth smiling. I’m also glad to see her rocking the flannel. Somebody needed to bring back the Kurt Cobain grunge look, and I’m happy she had the courage to do it. I’ve been keeping a plaid skirt and dirty pair of Vans, just in case the look got popular again. Now, I can finally pull them out of the closet and dust them off.

Kelly is recently an engaged woman, to a guy named Luke Worral. He announced their engagement on his Facebook page. Aw, young romance.

WTF Has Kelly Osbourne Done to her Hair?

111908-kelly-osbourne.jpg Please link to

Kelly Osbourne was out and about shopping at Marc Jacobs in West Hollywood yesterday, and it’s the first time I’ve seen her with that hairdo. It reminds me of the one that Rosie O’Donnell was sporting right after she announced that she was a lesbian.

Other than that minor detail, Kelly looks absolutely gorgeous. Her skin is perfect and her outfit is perfectly matched and her puppy is perfectly cute. Now, if only she’d find the perfect wig, she’d be totally and completely set.

Kelly Osbourne And Sienna Miller Enjoy Coachella


blog_kelly_osbourne_coachella_01.jpg blog_kelly_osbourne_coachella_02.jpg blog_sienna_miller_kelly_osbourne_coachella_2008_004.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_01.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_09.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_21.jpg

Sienna Miller and Kelly Osbourne both spent the day at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival yesterday and took some time to stroll through the concert grounds together. Kelly came with some other friends and wore a backstage pass bracelet and a whistle necklace. Sienna wore her cool blue shades and had some trouble getting a bracelet that allowed her to drink. She eventually managed it and several drinks later was all smiles.

NME Awards



blog_nme_awards_2008_5.jpg blog_nme_awards_2008_6.jpg blog_nme_awards_2008_9.jpg

Red carpet hotness (in some cases) from the NME Awards at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles last night. Not sure about Kelly Osbourne’s outfit. Love it or hate it? You decide. STOP PRESS, STOP PRESS, STOP PRESSS….Sienna Miller smiles!

Kelly’s Scuffle with the Paps



Seems like Kelly Osbourne and Davinia Taylor got in a bit of a scuffle with the paparazzi as they arrived for Kate Moss’ 34th birthday party at Punk Club in London last night. Everything turned out okay in the end, but from the look of it, they sure had a rough time on their way into the festivities!

Chanel Exclusive at Nobu London


blog_chanel08.jpg blog_chanel35.jpg blog_chanel01.jpg blog_chanel21.jpg blog_chanel13.jpg blog_chanel37.jpg

It’s one of THE fashion events of the year and the A-listers flock to it. This year’s Chanel party at London’s Nobu attracted the creme de la creme of the elite including Kylie Minogue, Kelly Osbourne, Natalie Imbruglia, Rupert Everett, Sean Lennon and Claudia Schiffer.

15 Years of G-A-Y!


blog_15_gay11.jpg blog_15_gay01.jpg blog_15_gay30.jpg

Kelly Osbourne joined her mom and the evening’s host, Sharon Osbourne, along with stars including Jason Orange, Sarah Harding and Keisha Buchanan at 15 Years of G-A-Y and World AIDS 20th Anniversary in London last night. The event benefited the Elton John AIDS Foundation. G-A-Y is London’s (and some say Europe’s) largest gay and lesbian party. Located in central London, G-A-Y has an enviable reputation of offering outstanding Saturday night PA’s from artists normally associated with Arena and Stadium performances.