Kelly Ripa

OSCAR Awards Red Carpet Arrivals 2015

Julianne Moore, Rosamund Pike, Chrissy Teigen, Anna Kendrick, Kelly Ripa, Dakota Johnson, Melanie Griffith, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Patricia Arquette, Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington on the red carpet of the 87th Annual Academy Awards held at Hollywood & Highland Centre in Hollywood.

Lil Kim Dances with Regis and Kelly

Dancing with the Stars contestants Derek Hough and Lil Kim took to the dance floor during their appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly earlier today at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. After a bit, the two switched partners, with Derek and Kelly Ripa tearing up the dance floor while Lil Kim and Regis cut a rug with them.

Regis better watch himself…wouldn’t want to break a hip!

A Kelly Ripa Photo Montage

Here’s what I want to know: since when did Florida get so many monkeys? It seems like every picture I see of Kelly Ripa in Miami either has monkeys or bikinis in it. Maybe that’s what their new slogan should be: Come to Florida, we have monkeys, bikinis and ridiculously swanky hotels!

Hell, they’d have me at the monkey part. I love monkeys. The bikinis, beaches and swanky hotels are just a bonus. No wonder so many celebs vacation there!

Kelly Ripa Gives Me Body Image Issues

I know I just posted some Kelly Ripa bikini pictures, but I just got these ones in my inbox and I can only say one thing: You Go, Girl!

Sister-friend is working it in these photos! In the second thumbnail, I can actually count her ab muscles. This, of course, let me to see if I can count mine. I appear to have one giant ab muscle, while Kelly seems to have 8, maybe 10. I don’t know for certain which one is better, but I’m 98% sure Kelly has me beat on this one.

Kelly Ripa and Family at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

As I told you earlier, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and their three kids are in Miami this week while Kelly films her show on location. The family spent a day at The Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s pool on Sunday…that place looks pretty swanky, doesn’t it?

I’m not sure who got the better deal out of their marriage: Mark or Kelly. Both are pretty hot (especially Kelly, for having three kids).

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Kelly Ripa Parrot Jungle

Kelly Ripa visited Parrot Jungle Island the other day with her family and filmed a segment for her show, Live with Regis and Kelly.  Ripa had a fun packed day visiting many of the animal attractions, she fed fish to the penguins, interviewed the painting orangutan (!!!), held a spider monkey and bottle fed kangaroo joeys and various animals at the petting zoo.  Live with Regis and Kelly is filming live from Miami all week.

I’m uber jealous…I want to play with monkeys!

Nicole Richie Live With Regis and Kelly!!

Nicole Richie appears on Live with Regis and Kelly filming at the Fontainbleu Miami Beach in front of a large crowd of onlookers. For those of you who are old enough, the hotel was host to the 1964 James Bond classic “Goldfinger”. If you don’t remember that, the resort recently had a gazillion dollar makeover, re-establishing itself as Miami Beach’s top holiday destination.

Little Blue Dress


blog_ripa_08.jpg blog_ripa_20.jpg blog_ripa_21.jpg

Kelly Ripa looked stunning in a little blue dress today. Cute hubby, adorable kids, amazing figure, fab career………is there anything this woman doesn’t have? Ripa whipped the crowds into a frenzy as she made a guest appearance on the David Letterman show today in NY.