LaToya Jackson

Mr. Pink Energy Drink Launch Party

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, made an appearance at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Also in attendance in the latest energy drink launch party includes, Audrina Patridge, “Twilight” star Anna Kendrick, David Arquette and the King of Pop’s sister, LaToya Jackson.

RaceTo Erase MS Gala

Khloe Kardashian-Odom with husband Lamar Odom were amongst those who turned out to support the 19th annual Race To Erase MS Gala in LA.

Proud new papa Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly, Carmen Electra, LaToya Jackson and Kylie and Kendall Jenner all took part in the Glam Rock themed affair.

The frocks and good times were combined with the good deeds the charity does to raises money to bring about awareness and hopefully one day a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

LaToya Jackson at Millions of Milkshakes

What is going on at Millions of Milkshakes and why is it becoming the go-to place for a little extra publicity? Lindsay Lohan, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and now LaToya? Either the owners are super connected to Hollywood insiders or their milkshakes are amazing. LaToya made her own shake for the menu, which features strawberries, raspberries and caramel, then topped with whipped cream and a Cadbury flake. Um, yum?

She’s doing it for a good cause, though. Through the sale of her concotion, LaToya and Millions of Milkshakes are hoping to raise $1 million for AIDS research. Can’t hate on that! Here’s what she said about her latest venture:

“I’m very excited for this promotion and hope we can raise a million dollars for APLA and/or aids research. It is very generous of Millions of Milkshakes to support our goal by donating proceeds from the store to such a great cause. I am very thankful to them!”

As a special promotion, LaToya will be serving the milkshakes herself on Halloween night. HALLOWEEN?! Do I even need to make a joke, or does it make itself? Since she’s being charitable, I’ll keep it to myself and only say something nice: way to help out a good cause, LaToya!

LaToya Jackson and Christian Audigier Do Dinner?!

Did I fall down a rabbit hole or something? I feel like I’m due for tea with the Mad Hatter or something, because this doesn’t make much sense to me:

Last night, LaToya Jackson and Christian Audigier put on their matching gold shirts and headed to Mr. Chow for dinner…TOGETHER! Holy randomness, Batman! Apparently, the two are pretty close — Audigier was a close friend of Michael’s. Still, it’s all a little off to me. I wonder if the two of them talked any business?

LaToyAAHHHHHH Jackson Goes Shopping

111108-latoyaaaah-jackson.jpg Please link to

LaToya Jackson went shopping on Rodeo Drive yesterday, which is interesting because you don’t see her out and about that often. Hell, I’ve been seeing more of Michael than her lately!

Plus, I’m not sure what’s scarier: her face or that outfit. As if the straw hat with the sequin-ey top with the torn jeans weren’t enough, she’s also sporting cleavage! A lot of cleavage! At 52, no woman should be showing that much boob (and no, it doesn’t matter if the boobs themselves are only 18. It’s still wrong).