Leyla Ghobadi

Model Leyla Ghobadi Alleges Hook-Up With Kanye West

These are the sizzling modeling shots of Leyla Ghobadi who has reportedly claimed she slept with Kanye West twice last year and declined his recent advances just this last weekend. Published reports suggest that Leyla G as she is known in her profile, slept with Kanye before she knew Kim Kardashian was pregnant with his child and only because the singer told her that his relationship with Kim was just a publicity stunt.

Reps at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s camp are said to have adamantly denied the claims but Leyla is quoted as saying “I know that if we had met up recently like Kanye wanted, we definitely would’ve hooked up. I would never do that to someone – especially a person who is expecting a baby.”

Another publication has gone on to quote the stunning brunette saying “Maybe I went about this the wrong way but how else am I meant to get through to her? I am not the bad guy in this situation… The woman will always get the blame huh”.

Leyla works for 5 Stars Promotional Agency based in Montreal who offer “the most attractive models available” who are “not only beautiful – they are smart, talented, and reliable.” Modeling services they provide include catwalk, music videos, exhibitions and road shows. Leyla is one of the gorgeous models listed on their website which also includes her vital statistics which are 5 foot 8 inches, weight 125 pounds and her curves measure 34D bust, 24 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

Photos courtesy of 5starpma.com.

Leyla Ghobadi Claims Fling With Kanye West

These are images of Leyla Ghobadi, the Canadian model who claims to have had a fling with rapper Kanye West while cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The 24 year old brunette, who bears a resemblance to Kim, is dressed as a bumblebee whilst working for beezid.com alleges the fling started in July of 2012 and continued after Kim announced her pregnancy.

Ghobadi claims that Kanye dismissed his relationship with the reality star as just ‘for publicity and nothing serious.’ According to reports Kanye allegedly set his sights on the curvy model when he saw her dancing in the crowd at his show in Atlantic City last July.

After inviting her for cocktails Kanye asked her to come back to his hotel room which she declined. Kanye then invited Leyla and friends to attend his concert the next night. After the show, Leyla agreed to accompany Kanye to his hotel room, she has said, “We began to make out for a while – and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex.”

The two allegedly met up again in NYC last October while Kim, who had not yet announced her pregnancy, was in Miami. Leyla alleges that Kanye also contacted her last weekend to see if they could meet up but knowing about Kim’s pregnancy she stated, “I would never do that to someone.”

Kim and Kanye’s representatives have denied the reports, Kanye’s rep added: “This most recent attack on Kanye West and his family is totally without merit. It’s a blatant attempt by a misguided individual who is clearly seeking publicity, and another in a series of malicious stories drummed up by non-credible “news” sources.” Kim is currently waiting the arrival of her daughter with Kanye.

Photos courtesy of 5wpr.com.