Lil Kim

Who Wears A Dress in the Ocean?!

Lil’ Kim, apparently. You’d think that if she was going to wear a dress on the beach, she’d at least pick out something a little more flattering. She even wore the thing jet skiing! That’s like wearing a skirt while horseback riding — no bueno. Still, this is probably the most modest I’ve ever seen Lil’ Kim dress. Props for that, I guess?

The whole “dress at the beach” thing reminded me of this little gem of a website. Go on, you know you want to order one in every color.

Lil Kim Dances with Regis and Kelly

Dancing with the Stars contestants Derek Hough and Lil Kim took to the dance floor during their appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly earlier today at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. After a bit, the two switched partners, with Derek and Kelly Ripa tearing up the dance floor while Lil Kim and Regis cut a rug with them.

Regis better watch himself…wouldn’t want to break a hip!

You Need A License For That


There’s no comment from the NYPD as to whether a citation was issued to ex-con rapper Lil’ Kim last night when she was pulled over in New York while taking her Lamborghini for a spin without plates or a license(?!?).

Reportedly, Kimberly Jones stopped to fill her gas tank on the West Side of Manhattan when cops noticed that her ride had no tags. When talking with her, they also discovered that Kim didn’t have a driver’s license either. She wasn’t detained, though and her lawyer came to the rescue. He picked her up and drove away with her in the ‘Ghini.