Lily Allen

Pregnant Pose

Singer Lily Allen, who is about six months aong, strikes a pregnant pose in very high platform heels during a guest performance at KOKO London nightclub in Camden.

Decked out in a shimmery silver mini dress and a leopard patterned cardigan Allen appeared happy, albeit a little tired at times, as she performed ahead of rapper Professor Green for his ‘Just be good to Green’ gig.

Earlier in the evening Professor Green posted to Lily’s Twitter account, ‘good luck toniGht !!! X x’.  Allen is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper and has reportedly said she won’t give her baby a ‘stupid’ name. London, UK

Lily Loves Car Boots

Pregnant pop singer Lily Allen and her half-sister Sarah Owen appear at the launch of Westfield shopping center’s Car Boot Fair, celebrating London Fashion Week.

At the event 18 new Hyundai i20 cars were hijacked by London’s most sought after brands including Topshop, Oasis, Whistles, Ted Baker, Wolford, Swarovski, Firetrap and House of Fraser.  Pregnant Lily was beautiful, warm and comfortable in her 60s inspired coat, makeup and cute black flats.

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Lily Allen!

lily_allen_nails_mx0021609_04.jpg Please link to

While in Los Angeles yesterday, Lily Allen snubbed a luxury spa and instead opted for an LA shop front nail salon for a pit stop manicure and pedicure.  Allen may have chosen this nail salon as it is known for it’s amazing airbrushing and for $30 you can have both hands and feet airbrushed.  Allen left with orange leopard print airbrushed nails for her hands and a simple plain pink manicure for her toes.

In this economy, everyone’s being thrifty!

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Lily Allen Podium Dancer

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Lily Allen enjoyed herself in the early hours of Valentine’s Day with members of her band in the VIP section of Aura Nightclub (located inside Atlantis) following her stage performance as part of the Z100 Party Plane. The singer took to the podium in the club and let her hair down, dancing with a scantily clad podium dancer.

I really like Lily, she can teach some of our American starlets how to have a good time. Also, it looks like she’s lost a bunch of weight recently…she looks great!

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Lily Allen Live!

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Lily Allen performed yesterday at the Atlantis Theatre as part of Z100’s Party Plane with OP at Atlantis.  Allen sang hits from her new album and enjoyed a glass of wine and a cigarette onstage.  She is currently working hard to promote her new album in the USA and has admitted she is desperate for her new record ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ to top the US album charts and has asked fans to make sure it moves up from its current number two slot to make number one.  Under the title ‘HELP’, Lily recently wrote on her MySpace blog,

“I’ve never had a No.1 album in England, never mind the US, and all of this is a bit crazy. I could well be up for No.1 here, which makes me want to cry a bit. I’ve never begged you to buy from me, ever, but I am now. This will be the only time ever in my life that this could happen for me. Help me get to No.1, go to iTunes and download the album – you’re the only hope I’ve got, guys. I’ll love you forever.”

I loves me some Lily Allen, so I plan on buying a half dozen copies to give to my nearest and dearest.

Flashbacks for a Fool Premiere


blog_lily_allen_flashback_07.jpgblog_claudia_schiffer_11.jpg blog_daniel_craig_01.jpg blog_bryan_ferry_01.jpg blog_gena_athens_06.jpg blog_rupert_everett_01.jpg

Among those we found on the red carpet at the London premiere of Daniel Craig’s new film Flashbacks for a Fool were Craig, Claudia Schiffer, Bryan Ferry, Lily Allen, Gena Athens and Rupert Everett.

The film tells the story of a fading Hollywood star who looks back at the days of his youth as he returns home from his best friend’s funeral. It is due in UK theaters on April 18. No US release date has been announced.

Lily Allen Miscarriage


Lily Allen’s representative reports today that the British singer has had a miscarriage. “We can confirm that Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage,” said her rep. earlier today. “She and her partner, Ed Simons, will be making no further comment and we ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.”

The couple announced in December that they were thrilled to be expecting their first child.

Our thoughts are with Lily and Ed.

Chanel Pays Homage To Artisans



blog_agyness_deyn02_chanel.jpg blog_emma_watson01_chanel.jpg blog_emma_thompson01_chanel.jpg blog_karl_lagerfeld03_chanel.jpg blog_natalie_imbruglia03_chanel.jpg blog_sean_lennon03_chanel.jpg

Fashion house Chanel paid homage last night to artisans and craftspeople who make feathers, pearls and silk flower accessories with a fashion show in London.

Since 2002, In addition to Chanel’s regular set of fashion shows, designer Karl Lagerfeld has held an annual show to put creations on display that are made by artisans and craftspeople whose businesses have been acquired by Chanel in order to ensure their survival and to pass along their techniques and knowledge.

The show took place in an old post office that is currently being converted to an auction house. Included in the 450 attendees who took in a wide variety of dresses, materials and colors were Claudia Schiffer, Lily Allen, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Karl Lagerfeld, Natalie Imbruglia and Sean Lennon.

Fashion Rocks London



blog_fashion_rocks03.jpg blog_fashion_rocks08.jpg blog_fashion_rocks05a.jpg blog_fashion_rocks11.jpg blog_fashion_rocks09.jpg blog_fashion_rocks12a.jpg blog_fashion_rocks20.jpg blog_fashion_rocks17.jpg blog_fashion_rocks34.jpg

Celebs attended Swarovski Fashion Rocks at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Attendees included: Uma Thurman, Victoria Silvstedt, Lily Allen, Alicia Keys, Giorgio Armani, Kate Moss, Beth Dito, Claudia Schiffer, Samuel L. Jackson and Pete Burns.

The fashionable pairing of Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman hosted the event which included an incredible line-up featuring some of the world’s best designers and top music artists.

Drug Free At The Punk Club


blog_jennifer_ellison01.jpg blog_lily_allen05_101207.jpg blog_lily_allen03_101207.jpg

Lily Allen and actress, singer and model Jennifer Ellison headed out to the Punk Club in London last night.

It’s reported that Lily’s father, Keith, recently warned Lily, 22, of the dangers of drug use, using troubled singer Amy Winehouse as an example. Fearing that Lily would suffer the same fate, he has pleaded with her not to experiment with hard drugs, warning, “Stay off the Ketamin, love. Don’t go on the brown (heroin) – look at Amy.” He insists, though, that his daughter won’t ruin her career with drugs, adding, “I feel secure because I know my daughter and the person she is.”

Lily Allen Drivin’ Me Wild!



Lily Allen took to the streets in London last night. Her recent collaboration with rapper Common is due to be released as a single next month. “Drivin’ Me Wild,” from Common’s album Finding Forever, was produced by Kanye West and is set to be released on October 15 just before Allen’s performance at the BBC Electric Proms. That performance is scheduled for October 24 and she will be appearing with producer Mark Ronson.

Lily Allen Lets It All Hang Out


blog_lilly_allen02.jpg blog_lilly_allen03.jpg blog_lilly_allen05.jpg

Lily Allen forgot to button up her dress and let her bra show during an evening on the town in London. She had dinner at Nobu then went to a bar in east London with her friends.

What’s up with those white sneakers? Odd choice if you ask me.

Lily Allen at Eden Project


blog_lily_allen09.jpg blog_lily_allen03.jpg blog_lily_allen17.jpg

Barefoot and fancy free! British singer, Lily Allen, goes barefoot and swigs Strongbow Cider from a can onstage as she sings at the Eden Project.

The top-selling singer has become a hit on YouTube as well, with the interview clip in which she showed off her third nipple being one of the most-viewed videos on the site. It has been seen over 400,000 times and counting.