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Damon And Dad Get Fit



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2007’s Sexiest Man Alive, Matt Damon, worked on keeping the title with his dad, Kent, in Miami Beach earlier this week and sure picked the perfect spot to jog just before Thanksgiving. The father and son team ran together down by the beach in Miami’s South Beach but Damon’s dad, a former stock broker, could only keep up for half the jaunt. The Oscar-winning actor got to the finish line a couple of minutes ahead of his dad and was, of course, sporting a Boston Red Sox hat to support his favorite team.

Matt’s Caddyshack Day Out


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Bourne Ultimatum star Matt Damon takes time out from his busy schedule to play a round of golf in Miami. He also looked astoundingly like Elton John as he pulls a face in disappointment at his shot. After playing 9 holes of golf with pals he chugged a beer and drove his golfcart.

The Damon Ultimatum



Matt Damon, seen here arriving at Radio One Studios in London, is in the UK for the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum, the finale of the hugely successful action trilogy.

The film was released in the US earlier this month and in the UK and Ireland today.

Bourne Ultimatum London Premiere



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Celebs a-plenty came out for the London premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum in Leicester Square.

Attendees included star Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, Kimberly Stewart, Rachel Stevens, James Nesbitt, Prince (who was booed by the crowd after not stopping for photographers!) and Neve Campbell.

The Bourne Ultimatum is the finale of the action trilogy that also included The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. According to James Christopher of The Times Online, “…there is nothing remotely comfortable about the ride. The director, Paul Greengrass – who made United 93 – has brought the full force of his documentary skills to bear on Matt Damon’s fight for survival. The claustrophobic violence is so desperately intense I found some scenes almost impossible to watch. The pace is relentless. The story, as usual, is as reliable as quicksand.”

To experience it for yourself, visit your favorite theater. The Bourne Ultimatum is in theaters now in North America and is released tomorrow, August 16, in the UK and Ireland.

Good Will Junking


Matt Damon doesn’t like junk and is seeing green.  The actor/environmentalist has reportedly teamed with to curb junk mail delivery in America.  Damon released the following statement:  “For an estimated dime a day they can stop 70 per cent of the junk mail that comes to your house. It’s very simple, easy to do, great gift to give, I’ve actually signed up my entire family. It was a gift given to me this past holiday season and I was so impressed that I’m now on the board of the company.”

Publicity Whore



The normally camera shy Matt Damon goes jogging Miami Beach on Superbowl weekend in the full knowledge that the beach will be crawling with photogs…..must have a movie coming out.