Michelle Rodriguez

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2013 Teen Choice Awards

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles of UK’s sensation boy band “One Direction” hit the arrivals line at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre inside Universal Studios in L.A.

Winning one of Teen Choice famed Surf Board awards, Miley Cyrus posed for pictures wearing a black sheer top with a black leather bikini top, black leather skirt and high heels.

Other celebrity attending the show that attracts screaming teens from around the world, were Selena Gomez, Michelle Rodriguez, Cher Lloyd, Demi Lovato, UK’s girl band “Little Mix,” Paramore, Nina Dobrev and many many more.

World Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez shows off her award and her amazing figure in a head-turning gold sequin and feather detailed gown after the annual World Music Awards 2010 in Monte-Carlo.

The Hilton clan, Michelle Rodriguez and Hayden Panettiere were amongst the others who also attended.

Earlier on in the day, Paris twittered that she felt like a new woman after having a doctor arrive on the yacht to give every vitamin B12  shots!

Snaps from the 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards

The 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards were held last night in Dubai, and a ton of A-list celebrities were in attendance. It must’ve been a pretty big event, for so many celebs to take the time out of their schedule to fly so far.  The winner of the Mavrix Best Dressed Award goes to Gwenyth Paltrow — that dress looks like it was sewn on her body!

Hugh Grant, Boris Becker, Michelle Rodriguez and Kevin Spacey were also there and looking fly (yes, yes I did just use the word “fly”. 1998 called, and told me it was okay.)

Michelle Rodriguez is Smart and Single

gt_mx001122009_1.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Michelle Rodriguez went to the pharmacy yesterday and left with a ubiquitous discreet brown paper bag. Back in college, I used to know girls who would go to the student health center every day and leave with a brown paper bag filled with condoms. I think they were selling them online to make a quick dollar or something, because nobody should ever need that many. Plus, I went to a women’s college, so it’s not like there was a lot of action to be had on campus.

Anyway, Michelle took her brown paper bag and left, talking to photogs in Spanish as she walked. It always surprises me when I find out that celebrities are bilingual. I’m still struggling to master English, I can’t imagine trying to tackle another language. One of the photographers asked her if she was single, and she just smiled and held up her left hand (as if to say, there ain’t no ring on it!).

Still, that doesn’t mean much. Rumors have been swirling around Michelle for years regarding her sexuality, and in California gays and lesbians aren’t allowed to get married any more. Maybe she’s still waiting for her Prince(ss) Charming?

Who is With Michelle Rodriguez?

82308-michelle-r.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Michelle Rodriguez went out with some friends last night, and I have only one question: who is that gorgeous creature in the white tee shirt? Most importantly, is that a dude or a dyke? The thing is, the person doesn’t have any boobs, but has a really feminine face. I went to an all women’s college, so you’d think I’d have a PhD in spotting lesbians hidden among crowds of guys, but even I’m befuddled.

It’s long been rumored that Michelle prefers women to men, so if that “friend” turned out to be a softball playing, Home Depot loving truck driver, it totally wouldn’t surprise me.

Finger Lickin’ Good!



Michelle Rodriguez evidently loved her lunch as she dined with friends at Le Pain Quotidien yesterday in Beverly Hills. It’s a good thing, because according to reports, she may only be dining on prison cuisine soon.

According to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, Michelle has allegedly failed to prove she’s enrolled to complete her community service, handing in a false document to show she carried out one day of community service on September 25. The 29-year-old Rodriguez contradicted the paperwork by saying she was in New York, not Los Angeles, on that day. Her lawyer insists that the inconsistency is a clerical error and persuaded the judge to postpone her hearing until October 12. The judge was not impressed with the former “Lost” star saying, “I’m not impressed with your completion schedule. I don’t care if you have to camp there, complete it without exception.”

Michelle has been serving an extended period of probation as a result of being found guilty of driving under the influence in Hawaii in December 2005 and twice in Hollywood in 2003.

Rodriguez Trendsetter




Trendsetter Michelle Rodriguez stops by a custom design store with boots and clothing ready to be uniquely styled for her. By the looks of her jeans, it seems that she has already visted the shope as she was sporting a Jack Daniels bandana around her jean leg…..is this a poke in the eye to those who busted her for DUI?

Lounging About



We spotted Michelle Rodriguez lounging today in Beverly Hills but your guess is as good as mine whether she was waiting for a spa or a doctor’s appointment. Let’s hope she’s not going plastic on us, it was Beverly Hills after all!