Milo Ventimiglia

Pics From the Whaleman Foundation Benefit

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Hayden Panettiere, Donald Faison, Milo Ventimiglia (who looks an awful lot like Mark Ronson, right?!), Eva Longoria-Parker and others attended the Whaleman Foundation benefit in Hollywood last night. Saving the whales seems to be Hayden’s pet cause…she’s even gone so far as to auction a date with herself on Ebay!

In other news, Hayden’s family is in the spotlight this morning. TMZ is reporting that her parents, Alan and Leslie, got into a pretty big fight last night over Leslie flirting with some guy. Alan felt “disrespected”, and allegedly hit his wife. The cops were called at 3am, and he’s currently being held in jail until he can come up with the $50,000 bail money.