Orlando Bloom

2013 Cannes Film Festival Closing Gala

Another successful Cannes Film Festival wraps up with the 66th Annual Closing Awards Gala in Cannes, France.

In attendance was Uma Thurman wearing a floor length silver strapless gown with beautiful jewelry.

Looking handsome as always, Orlando Bloom wore a sharp tuxedo with a white bow tie.

Cannes jury member Nicole Kidman looked gorgeous in a white patterned strapless dress.

Audrey Tautou looked amazing in a red flowing dress with pink accents.

Winner for Best Actress Berenice Bejo wore a beautiful sequenced teal dress as she proudly posed with her award.

Liv Tyler & Orlando Bloom Leave Their London Hotels While In Town To Attend The Three Musketeers 3D Premiere

Liv Tyler & Orlando Bloom both looked elegant as they exited their hotels while in London to attend the premiere of Three Musketeers 3D.

Tyler paired a black mini-dress with super edgy lace tights and flats, and outfit that absolutely looks like it was influenced by Rachel Zoe, Tyler’s stylist.

New father, Bloom, on the other hand looked a bit frazzled in causal wear as he got into the back of a car after checking out of his hotel. Maybe late night daddy duties and his busy schedule promoting his new film Three Musketeers 3D is taking it’s toll?

Mila Jovovich & Orlando Bloom Say En Garde At The London Premiere Of Three Musketerers In 3D

Mila Jovovich and Orlando Bloom did their best en garde poses while gracing London red carpet premiere of Three Musketeers in 3D at Vue Westfield in London.

The film is the latest in a series of Three Musketeers reboots that have happened over the years, but with a cast that includes heavy hitters like Jovovich and Bloom, we’re sure this will be the best.

It’s hard to make the transition from model to actress seamlessly, but Mila Jovovich is one of the few to establish a career without seeming desperate.

Perhaps it’s her physicality and her ability to take on roles that’s given her an edge over the competition, but Three Musketeers in 3D is no exception to this rule.

Check out the Three Musketeers 3D trailer to know what director Paul W.S. Anderson has in store for you:

Orlando Bloom Lunch At Alcove Cafe

Orlando Bloom looks handsome and happy as he leaves lunch with pals at the Alcove Cafe & Bakery in LA earlier today.

Now, is it me or does fatherhood TOTALLY agree with Orlando? (Can you tell we have a slight crush?)

I just heard today that Orlando named his first-born after Flynn after his late grandmother…. kind of!

During an interview he said: “I was convinced we were going to have a girl. Because my grandmother actually passed when Flynn was conceived and she was really dear to my heart. Evelyn was my grandmother, on my father’s side… I was thinking Evelyn. We’re going to have a girl, it’s going to be called Evelyn. And it was a boy. And so Flynn! Evelyn, Flynn. Flynn, Evelyn.”

Orlando Bloom Boss Man

Looks like fatherhood and marriage are agreeing with one of our fav actors Orlando Bloom!

With a smile on his face and a bounce in his step Orlando was looking fabulous today at Madrid’s El Corte Ingles where he promoted the new Hugo Boss fragrance Orange Boss Man.

Showing of his cute messy hair Orly, who is living with wife Miranda Kerr and their three-month-old son Flynn in LA, seemed happy at work but surely couldn’t wait to get home to his family…

…and who could blame him.

National Movie Awards

A bunch of a-listers turned up for the National Movie Awards last night in London. Tom and Katie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Orlando Bloom.

Dashing Tom barely looks a day past his Top Gun era and Katie was rocking a cute striped dress. I wonder if Orlando’s new facial hair is something to do with a movie role?…. he has been cast in The Three Musketeers remake.

Orlando Bloom is Super Hot

Mark Whalberg wasn’t the only celeb at Madeos last night — Orlando Bloom at there, too! After dinner, he hopped on his Ducati and rode off into the sunset (after putting on gloves and a helmet, of course).

Is his life like a movie, or what? He’s dating a supermodel, he’s super cool, way rich and he rides a freaking motorcycle! No wonder he’s such a big box office draw!

Orlando Bloom Got Robbed!

It’s being reported that Orlando Bloom’s house got robbed last night! I could make all kinds of double entendres about his booty being plundered and whatnot, but I’m going to keep it classy (for once).

Anyway, apparently the theives took around a half of a million dollars in jewelry, including two swanky watches. Although the cops aren’t saying whether or not they thing it’s an inside job just yet, they did say that it was “unusual”.

Damn right it’s unusual! What kind of guy has $500k in jewelry just hanging around his house, like he’s the second coming of Liberace or something? Put that stuff in a safe!

Happy Belated Birthday to Orlando Bloom

gt_mx001142009_1.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

January 13th was Orlando Bloom’s 32nd birthday…I guess I was too busy swooning over Adrian Grenier to remember. Anyway, Orlando and his supermodel girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, went out in Los Angeles last night to continue the birthday celebration. That’s something I can totally get behind. My birthday usually lasts an entire week, but I usually only remember one or two days of it.

I know that Orlando was in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but does he really need to wear all black AND sport a modified trash-stashe? When guys do this (and I’m speaking directly to Sharon Stone’s boyfriend here), they either look like a waiter or like they’re a friend of Dorothy. It’s not a hot way to dress.

Is Love In Bloom?



Reports are in that Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston have found romance together during a trip to Mexico for their manager’s wedding. The stars are represented by Aleen Keshishian and traveled to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to celebrate her marriage along with other clients including Natalie Portman, Laura Linney and Bloom’s ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

According to other guests, Jennifer and Orlando immediately latched onto one another and spend much of the ceremony together. According to one guest, “When they got down to Mexico, they just gravitated to each other. They sat next to each other for both the rehearsal dinner and the actual ceremony. Their super-flirty behavior surprised some of the other guests, but they didn’t look like they cared who was watching because they were so into each other.

According to representatives for both Jennifer and Orlando, they are simply good friends.

Campaign To End Fistula Charity Bowling Tournament


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Singer Natalie Imbruglia, actors Christian Slater and Orlando Bloom and model Caprice attended the Campaign To End Fistula Charity Bowling Tournament in London yesterday.

In 2003, UNFPA and partners launched a global Campaign to End Fistula with the goal of making obstetric fistula as rare in developing countries as it is in the industrialized world. The organization’s target date for fistula elimination is 2015, in line with MDG targets to improve maternal health.

The Campaign is now working in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia and the Arab region and involves a range of partners.

Best Male Performance


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Recently named Britain’s Most Eligible Bachelor by a Cosmopolitan survey, Orlando Bloom will go head to head against fellow pirate Johnny Depp for the same award at the first-ever British National Film Awards.

Both stars have been nominated for “Best Male Performance” for their roles in summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

The two stars face stiff competition from Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint for Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix and from Daniel Craig who has been nominated for his debut outing as James Bond in Casino Royale.