Paris Hilton

Paris Rocking The Sunset Strip Premiere and After Party

Paris Hilton, Briana Evigan and Jamie Chung arrive at the Elysium Industry’s Los Angeles “Sunset Strip” Premiere and After Party held at Club Lure in Los Angeles.

Paris was rocking the red carpet in an unusual LBD with …. I guess you would call them gloves! Anyway, whatever they are called, Paris always looks cool.


Paris Hilton Secret Do-Gooder!

I am going to let you all into a little secret. Paris Hilton may seem like she doesn’t have much time for anything other than partying and shopping but appearances can be deceiving. And now it’s time to reveal something I have always had a sneaking suspicion about, it’s all just a huge cover for Paris’ big heart.

The heiress turned reality star turned Gazillionaire mogul (ok maybe Gazillionaire is a bit OTT) actually does a ton of charity work behind closed doors. Her mom Kathy recently slipped up during an interview to reveal that Paris hosts several charitable events at the Hilton’s home every year where cameras are not invited. The family works closely with Starlight Children’s Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation as kid’s causes are high on Paris’ priority list.

The blonde beauty is very hands on at the events where even parents are’t allowed to bring cameras. She plays with kids, color swith them, bakes and does arts and crafts.  Awe!

Kathy believes if you are going to do something nice there is no need for the media to follow you around. “Whatever country Paris is in, she will go to an orphanage, she will go visit children because that’s her thing. So you don’t see and hear all about that because then it looks like you are doing it for show. I have had my girls helping, whether it was stuffing goody bags or selling raffle tickets, getting involved with every single charity that I have ever been involved with since they were five or six years old.”



Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum At de Grisogono Glam Party

Paris Hilton and sister Nicky were on hand with the likes of the beautiful Ms Heidi Klum and a rosta of other gorgeous starlets partying at the annual de Grisogono Glam Party in Cannes.

And while everyone at the Swiss jeweler’s bash looked the party I think Heidi just had a little something extra, maybe it was the cute butterfly that adored her wrist.

Paris Hilton, Kellan Lutz & Ashlee Simpson Highlight The Launch Of Marquee Nightclub In Sydney

Paris Hilton made a splash on the red carpet with Kellan Lutz and Ashlee Simpson at the launch of Marquee Nightclub in Sydney.

Paris’ famous DJ boyfriend, Dutch DJ Afrojack, was among one of the musical acts that wowed the crowd goers, which included an additional performance by Redfoo one half off electro pop duo LMFAO.

Paris looked effortless in a sparkly blue dress that highlighted not only her skin tone but her lovely blonde hair and long legs.
Marquee Nightclub will officially open it’s doors to the public tonight where famed DJ, songwriter and mega producer, of the Black Eyed Peas will headline.

Miami Music Week Is A Jungle For Paris Hilton

Heiress and entrepreneur Paris Hilton expresses her inner animal while lounging around South Beach with her boyfriend during Miami Music Week.

During some downtime from her many engagements Hilton relaxes outside her South Beach hotel wearing a sexy leopard print bikini top, long black skirt, large dark shades, chunky jewelry and a leopard print PH Purse from her brand new collection.

The 31-year-old is rumored to be dating internationally famous producer DJ Afrojack and is currently in Miami to support him during various DJing gigs during Miami Music Week.

Afrojack has been working with Hilton on her sophomore album, which features collaborations with pop music giants LMFAO & Flo Rida.


Paris & Nicky HiltonAre Robertson Boulevard Chic At The Iconic Ivy Restaurant

Hilton sisters, Paris & Nicky spend the afternoon together totally dolled up at the Ivy Restaurant on the famed shopping mecca Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood.

The dynamic duo are the forefront of fashion while gallivanting down Robertson Boulevard, from shop-to-shop like the street was their own personal runway, finally stopping for a bite to eat at the Ivy.

31-year-old Paris, kept things young and effortless with a spring inspired a red floral dress matched with a black floppy hat, black belt, black purse and black high heels.

Her 28-year-old sister dons a simple black top, under a pastel infused bright floral jacket, grey skinny jeans,  black hat and lace-up turquoise high heels, making the two totally stunning lunchtime companions.

Paris Hilton Parks Her Ferrari With The Help Of Paparazzi Friends

Celebutant, entrepreneur and reality TV star Paris Hilton managed to park her bright red Ferrari with the assistance of some paparazzi who were on hand to take her photo.

The heiress, who has her own Moto GP motorcycle racing team “Super-Martxe VIP” was in a tight spot earlier today when she was trying to get her 2012 California Spyder Ferrari worth about $300,000 out of a very small parking lot.

Instead of giving up, her paparazzi pals did everything they could to help the “Stars Are Blind” singer get her car out of the lot in mint condition.

As recently as this weekend, Hilton was spotted on the red carpet of Terry Richardson’s Terrywood exhibit with her sister Nicky.  Although, there was no word if they dynamic duo showed up in Hilton’s Ferrari.

Paris Hilton Takes A Tumble At The Terrywood By Terry Richardson Exhibit Launch

Heiress and reality star Paris Hilton arrives to the red carpet of Terrywood By Terry Richardson where she stumbles and is caught by her sister and companion, Nicky Hilton.

The adorable duo looked fantastic in spite of Paris’ minor red carpet spill.  Paris wore an embellished cream dress with black pumps and Nicki kept it simple wearing black platform heels, leather pants & a black faux fur vest.

They two, who have been photographed by Terry Richardson, posed for photos on the red carpet before going inside to gush over the works of their famous friend.

Other attendees include Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan and Pineapple Express actor James Franco.

New Bombshell For Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee In The Form Of Raunchy Sex Tape

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee‘s sordid ways were first brought to the limelight last year when news broke that she had been carrying on an extramarital affair with reality TV star and husband to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James.

Now she’s back in the news and according to sources, the tattooed minx will is the focus of two sex tapes, one featuring a tattooed man and the other a tattooed woman.

The film is said to be in the hands of the same porn distributor as the infamous “1 Night In Paris,” Red Light District.  However, this double feature will have to be heavily edited before it can be released as a double feature.

Sources say that there’s stuff on that sex tape that Red Light District is considering not releasing it due to legalities.  Hmmm, makes you really wonder what’s “Bombshell” did on there that’s so heinous a porn company won’t even release it.

Paris Hilton Suits Up For The Paris Hilton Racing Team At The Valencia Grand Prix

Paris Hilton is one enterprising woman.  She recently added motorcycle racing team owner to her resume, expanding her ever growing empire even more and she had a chance to suit up in pink racing gear and pose with her team.

However, the biggest news is that a member of her MotoGP racing team won the Valencia Grand Prix in Spain, not only qualifying the team as a contender but proving that Paris Hilton knows how to win, constantly.

Before the big win Paris did what comes most naturally to her, other than succeed, and that’s pose for photos.

Wearing a pink and white racing uniform to support Team Paris Hilton, the “That’s Hot” reality TV star and business woman wore a white and hot pink racing uniform with her long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail and placed a pink and white team baseball cap over it.

Now that she’s succeeded in this endeavor, I can’t wait to see what Paris Hilton decides to venture into next!

Paris Hilton Promotes New Polish Shopping Center In Katowice

Celebutante Paris Hilton arrives in Poland to promote the opening of an extension of Silesia City Center mall in the biggest city in southern Poland, Katowice.

Paris wore a flesh colored dress with an ornate bejeweled neckline and taupe platform heels.

While at the ceremony, Paris was honored with receiving a star in the mall with her name on it, as well as being one of the focal points of the ribbon cutting ceremony, which kicked off the mall’s new addition.

Paris even got some time to do some shopping, one of her favorite activities while visiting the mall.  Additionally, the “that’s hot” reality star posed for photos and signed autographs for her adoring fans.

Paris Lexus Lady

Wearing a huge heart-shaped ring, Paris Hilton gets in some shopping at Malibu Country Mart yesterday. In addition to paying a visit to a a food truck, she stopped in at Alice and Olivia and The Coffee Bean, where she forgot a bag and a drink inside the store and a helpful employee brought them out to her.

Paris was driving the new and very cool Lexus LFA sportscar, which has a starting price of $375,000. Guess the World According To Paris rocks!

Paris Hilton July 4th Stalker Caught!

During yesterday’s Fourth of July celebrations, Paris Hilton was seen at her rented Malibu beach house and shortly after,  our very own photographer spotted James Rainford, Paris’s known stalker sunning himself on the beach just feet from Paris’ beach house.  Fearing for Paris’s safety the quick thinking snapper made a call to the Sheriff ‘s Department and Rainford was immediately taken away in handcuffs, reportedly arresting him for violating a protective order requiring him to stay 200 yards away from Paris at all times.   Rainford was previously arrested after attacking Paris’ then boyfriend Cy Waits outside a courthouse in April and was also arrested after sneaking into Paris’ Hollywood home in October, 2010.

Kandyland At The Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner hosted the 6th Annual Kandyland Event at the Playboy Mansion last night and despite his recent cancelled wedding, he seemed quite happy on the arm of blonde beauty Anna Sophia Berglund.

Paris got into the spirit of the carnival like spirit with a pink tutu and matching mask, while the Shannon twins showed off their killer bods in matching red fishnet outfits.