Paris Hilton

I Love Paris Hilton’s Life

Paris Hilton went shopping on Robertson Blvd. yesterday in Los Angeles, and these pictures just reinforce the fact that I want her life. Here’s why:

  1. Do you see that car she’s getting into? Yeah, it’s a Bentley. A baby blue one. The closest I’ve ever been to a Bentley is the kid on MTV’s Teen Moms. Sad, right?
  3. While I have to save up my pennies for a $50 shopping spree at TJ MAXX, she gets to go to Kitson. I bet she even has a Black AMEX.

So, in review, Paris Hilton leads a charmed life and I need to figure a way to weasel my way into it.

Paris Hilton Believes in Santa Claus

It’s that time of year again! Every October, we catch dozens of celebrities shopping for pumpkins at Mr. Bones. Two months later, we get the same thing, but with Christmas trees. Earlier, we brought you shots of Christina Aguilera (see below) — now, it’s Paris Hilton’s turn.

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt got into the holiday spirit yesterday as the duo shopped for a Christmas tree at Mr. Greentree’s in West Hollywood. Paris wore an “I Believe in Santa” tee shirt and Doug looked like he walked right out of the pages of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

Paris Hilton Promotes Her New Fragrance

Paris Hilton donned a cute Mrs. Claus dress at a promotion for her fragrance, Siren, at Macy’s in Glendale yesterday. Paris greeted fans and took time out to snap a few photos with them during the event while boyfriend Doug Reinhardt watched from the sidelines.

The fragrance is Paris’ own blend of juicy mandarin, apricot nectar, frangipani, honeysuckle, coconut orchid, water lily, vanilla bean, sandalwood and creamy musk.

“Siren is all about being sexy in a playful way” says Paris. “I love that the idea of Siren comes from long ago legends but is still super modern. What girl doesn’t want to have fun being a fantasy creature that men can’t resist?”

Paris Hilton Rocks Her Pedi Shoes

Paris Hilton ran some errands and got a pedicure yesterday in Beverly Hills. After she hit the nail salon, she continued about her day wearing those flimsy flip-flops. You’d think she’d have brought her own shoes to wear out, but this is kind of charming. You go, girl! Rock those free shoes!

Paris Hilton Goes Shopping

After attending yesterday’s premiere of This is It, Paris Hilton spent the afternoon shopping at Kitson. She smiled for photos while chatting on her cellphone as she headed to her car with two loaded shopping bags.

Not exactly as shocking as the last post, but it’ll do!

Paris Hilton Expands her Empire

Paris Hilton launched her new line of sunglasses yesterday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and I totally and completely cosign on that outfit of hers. Hell yes! It takes me back to the early 90s, when I used to wear skirts like that (paired with my favorite bodysuit, of course).

I say, let’s bring back this look. We can all watch Clueless again to get more style ideas, and the next thing you know, we’ll all be looking for white collarless shirts from Fred Segal. Love it!

Paris Hilton Loves the Environment (and her fans!)

Paris Hilton threw on her mom’s favorite disco club outfit and hit the streets of Los Angeles in search of coffee yesterday. She must have been in the attention grabbing kind of mood, because assistants usually handle that kind of work.

Plus, her leggings are so tight they’re practically see-through. I can’t tell if that’s her hoo-ha I’m looking at, or if that’s just the way the fabric is supposed to look. I’m really hoping it’s the latter, because I just ate a Pop Tart and I’d hate to taste that thing twice, if you know what I mean.

As soon as Paris got out of her car (a hybrid SUV — who’d have thought she was so green?), she was surrounded by fans. Unlike some celebrities we cover, she was super gracious and signed autographs. She even posed for a few photos. As far as celebutants go, she’s kind of a sweetheart!

Does Paris Hilton Even Have $8 Million?

We told you earlier about Paris Hilton’s legal troubles, and now it looks like they’ve finally come to an end. Unfortunately, things aren’t exactly working out the way that Paris was probably hoping they would. Worldwide Entertainment Group, the producers of Pledge This!, were seeking $8.3 million in damages, alleging that Paris didn’t promote the movie the way that she was contractually obligated to. Yesterday, however, the judge in the case reportedly said that “she won’t have to pay more than $8 million because of it.”

Woo hoo! That’s like, $300k in potential savings! But wait, there’s still that pesky $8 million lawsuit sitting on the table.

Damn! $8 million for a movie that would be lucky to bring in — let’s be honest with ourselves here — about $7.27 at the domestic box office seems to be a bit over the top, don’t you think? Especially when you consider that she was only paid $1 million for her role (yeah, I know. I’m just as surprised as you are). Does Paris even have that kind of cash laying around? I know she’s set to inherit all kinds of money, but her folks haven’t kicked the bucket yet. Can you take out loans against a trust fund?

Are Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Back Together?

hilton_MX005202009_1.jpg Please link to

It’s rumored that Paris Hilton has gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt. The two split in June after dating for four months (which might be a record for Paris). So, how’d everyone find out? Twitter, of course. This is what Doug posted to his account:

“What an amazing weekend with my beautiful girlfriend. I love her so much!”

Should we start a pool on how long they’ll last this time around? I’ll take the under bet on 2 months…

Paris Hilton Gets In Some Retail Therapy

It looks like Paris Hilton took the advice that I gave her yesterday, because she stepped up her dressing game and hit the streets of West Hollywood wearing that little number. HOT!

The heiress got some retail therapy in as she hit several stores in the area…maybe she’s trying to spend all of her money so that there’s nothing left if she loses that lawsuit she’s up against?

Paris Gets Pampered

Paris Hilton spent some time at a salon on Melrose yesterday, and she left looking like one of the people you see outside of a pay-as-you-go cell phone and discount weave store in Detroit. DETROIT! What’s with the dark clothes and hoodie? She looks like a ghetto version of Morticia Addams, and I’m not feeling it.

However, she was sporting some bright pink nails — the only bit of color in her entire outfit. I give Paris a hard time, but I genuinely like her (most of the time, at least). Bring back the color, honey!

Paris Hilton’s STARVING!

Hey, a girl’s gotta eat!

After spending SIX HOURS in court yesterday, Paris Hilton headed back to her luxury Miami Beach hotel. On the way there, she chatted with photographers and posed for pictures with fans before heading off to dinner. As she walked by a restaurant on her way to the hotel, she told our photogs that she was “starving”!

Good for her, more young girls need to see that — gasp! — celebs eat too. Starvation is never a good way to get skinny!

Paris Hilton’s Day in Court

Paris Hilton spent yesterday afternoon in a Miami courthouse to attend the trial she’s currently battling. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a group of investors who claim that Paris didn’t honor her contract to promote the DVD release of her 2006 box-office flop, Pledge This!

The plaintiffs are trying to collect $8 million in damages from Hilton and her entertainment company. Paris insists that she did all she could to promote this film, and I’m inclined to believe her. I mean, the “investors” of the movie need to take a serious look at their portfolios, because they’d have been better off putting their cash in Bernie Madoff’s hands.

Also, $8 million?! REALLY?! As if the movie was ever going to make that much! They might as well be suing for “eleventy kajillion dollars”, considering what the movie was about. Paris could have gone on all the talk shows naked while promoting the movie, and it still wouldn’t make $8 million.

Family Night, Hilton Style

When my family gets together for a night out on the town, it usually involves the Sizzler or some other real classy buffet. When the Hiltons go out, they hit up Mr. Chow, one of the biggest celeb hot spots in LA. Paris, Nicky, Kathy and Rick all went out together (I don’t think they’ve all been photographed together for quite some time).

FYI, I think Kathy got her outfit straight out of the Chico’s catalogue, and Paris nabbed her getup from the Dancing With the Stars wardrobe department.