Peaches Geldof

Dark Knight Rises In London

Anne Hathaway looks like a pretty pixie with her cute hairdo at the European premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” at Leicester Square. The actress said it took her a while to adjust to the new “do” but I have to say, it’s grown on me too.

Fellow thespians also on the carpet of the new block buster were Christian Bale, back on home turf, Guy Richie and new mummy Peaches.

The much anticipated movie is expected to break the opening weekend record! Check out a sneak peak by clicking HERE.

Anne Hathaway Wows at the One Day Premiere

The European premiere of One Day was held yesterday at Vue Westfield in London, and Anne Hathaway worked the red carpet like she had a rent payment due. The dress, the hair, the jewelry, the lipstick…I’m in love with it all. She’s shining so bright, the lady in the blue YALE hoodie can’t even look at her directly.

Jim Sturgess and Peaches Geldof were also there and looking fab, but Ms. Hathaway stole the show.

More Fashion Week Snaps

As you already know, fashion week is in full swing in NYC. For some reason, Peaches Geldof was there. We haven’t seen ol’ Peaches in a while, probably because she’s been laying low after her disastrous marriage. Considering the fact that she married this guy, I can see why she’d want to lay low for a bit.

On a positive note, at least she’s not blonde anymore! Sister went dark and I LOVE IT. It’s amazing how healthy hair can look when you’re not bleaching it to hell and back.

Peaches Geldof Got Married!

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Peaches Geldof, who some might classify as a “British bad girl”, ran off to Vegas and married herself a bona-fide American rock star, Max from Chester French. Her publicist had this to say:

“Peaches and Max Drummey are delighted to announce their very happy marriage. The couple tied the knot in a simple low-key ceremony in Las Vegas last week, whilst holidaying in America. Peaches first met Max, 23, a Harvard graduate in anthropology, 2 years ago. Max’s band, Chester French, played at the ITV iTunes festival, where Peaches was a co-presenter of the show. The acclaimed new Boston band were signed by Pharrell Williams to his label Star Track, a subsidiary of the giant Interscope Label. Their marriage has the full support of their family and friends. Peaches and Max did not want unnecessary publicity, but following growing media speculation, have decided to set out the facts. No further comment from either will be forthcoming.”

I did a little bit of research on good old Peaches here, and I have to say I’m kind of disappointed in her bad-girlness. She could be a lot worse, so she needs to really step up to the plate and become the train wreck that everyone makes her out to be. So far, she doesn’t even come close to Paris Hilton!