Victoria Silvstedt

More Shots from the NJR Awards

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Alesha Dixon also went to the NJR Awards in Cannes last night, and chicka looks faaabulous. Normally, I don’t like those drapey style dresses, but she pulls it off. I think it has something to do with the fact that her legs are about 10 feet long.  Victoria Silvstedt was also there and looks as wonderful as ever too!

Pics from the NRJ Awards in Cannes

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While most of the attention is on the Sundance Film Festival, there are other things going on. For example, the NRJ Awards in Cannes. Seal, Victoria Silvstedt and Katy Perry are all in France for the ceremony, and all of them are rocking awesome red carpet looks.

Seal never really struck me as a black nail polish kind of guy, but it works on him. Who’d have thought black nail polish would be a good accessory for a tux?

Quick, Somebody Pass Me My Eye Bleach!

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What in the name of Botox hell is going on with Victoria Silvstedt’s face? She turned up at the Betsey Johnson fashion show looking like a sad clown. Also, while it may not be possible to be too rich or too thin, it’s definitely possible to have too much collagen. Put down the needle!

Still, for being 33 (according to Wiki, which never lies…right?) her body is looking toned and awesome. Also, from what I hear she has a really funny, quirky personality. I’m all for her having her own talk show.

Victoria Silvstedt is Friggin’ HOTTT



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In case you don’t know who Victoria Silvstedt is, let me school you: she won the Playmate of the Year award a few years ago, was on the Real World and has sold a ton of records in Sweden (her album went gold back in 2001). Why should you care? Um, I think the photo pretty much tells you.

Here’s Victoria, Rose, Natalie, Milla and Sharon at AMFAR earlier today. If you’ll notice, Sharon looks much hotter without Madonna around.

Rose McGowan is also one of my all-time favorite Hollywood hobags. She was great in Scream, and anyone who has dated Marilyn Manson has earned my respect.