Katy Perry: The Sexy New Face of Popchips

Katy Perry was revealed Wednesday as the new face of the healthy snack brand Popchips and was photographed showing off her fit body in workout gear and form fitting dresses. Perry “lifted” two bags of the chips while wearing a purple polka-dot sports bra and lounging on a workout ball. The ad’s caption reads “Love. Without the handles. I cur Popchips straight to my lips. Good thing they don’t go straight to my hips.” Another ad features Perry hiding two bags over hear chest and reads, “Nothing fake about ’em. I’m not into phonies. Good thing there’s nothing fake of phony in Popchips. They only taste like they’re bad for you.” As part of the national campaign, the company is running a sweepstakes from which lucky fans will have the chance to win a trip to LA to meet Perry and get pampered at her favorite hotspots. Photos courtesy of Popchips.

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