Britney Shears





What would you do if you were bored and Britney Spears on a Friday night? Shave of all your hair and get a tattoo? Well, that’s what the real Brit did, even though the owner of the San Fernando Valley salon begged her to reconsider. Spears reportedly grabbed an electric clipper and shaved her own head.

“I tried to talk her out of it. I said, ‘Are you sure you’re not having a bad day and tomorrow you’ll feel differently about it? Why don’t we wait a little bit?'” salon owner Esther Tognozzi said in an interview.
“She said ‘No, I absolutely want it shaved off now.’ Next thing I know, she grabbed the buzzer and she went to the back of my salon and she was shaving off her own hair,” Tognozzi said.

Spears then made an appearance at tattoo parlor Body and Soul in Sherman Oaks where she had a pair of red and pink lips inked on her wrist.

It has been reported that Britney checked into rehab at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads center in Antigua, in the Caribbean but checked herself back out a day later. The new hairdo and tattoo came the following day on her return to her Malibu home.

Jennifer Love Ross




Jennifer sure nabbed herself a Scottish gentleman. Her beau, Ross McCall, opened car doors for her and held her hand as the cute couple strolled around Hollywood. Now, I am not one to start rumors, and last summer engagement rumors were squashed about the pair but they were both wearing rings on their engagement fingers. Maybe they just love jewelry?

Foxy Freaks Out!



On 02/15/07 at approximately 9:13 pm, officers of the Pembroke Pines Police Department responded to the listed store in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who is the owner of Queen’s Beauty Supply. Ghoneim said that Marchand was using beauty products that were just purchased in the restroom of the store. Ghoneim asked her to leave as the store was closed. Marchand refused to leave and insulted the victim. She then threw hair glue at Ghoneim. While he called 911 for police assistance, Marchand spat on him hitting the belly area of his shirt.
Officers then made contact with Marchand who was still in the same shopping plaza a few stores away from Queen’s Beauty Supply.
As Marchand was being escorted by one of the police officers, she swatted the police officer’s hand away. Marchand then started to swing her arms and pull away from the officers on scene. After a brief struggle, Marchand was finally taken into custody.

There were no injuries to any of the involved parties.

Marchand was charged accordingly and transported to the Broward  County Jail.

Nicole Richie Charged with DUI



Hollywood Brat Nicole Richie was charged today with misdemeanor driving
under the influence, two months after she was arrested for driving on the wrong side of an LA freeway on Dec  11th 2006.  According to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office Richie has  a prior misdemeanor DUI conviction dated back to June 2003.

The California vehicle code states that if convicted of DUI twice within
10 years, a person can be sentenced to between 90 days and a year in jail,
fined between $390 and $1,000 and have driving privileges suspended.

Arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 21 in Glendale Superior Court (an LA suburb).
Richie is not required to appear because it is a misdemeanor case. Her attorney
Howard L. Weitzman said in a statement “Nicole will deal with these charges in the appropriate forum.”

Doctor Feelgood




Looks like the Doctor who prescribed methadone to the late Anna Nicole Smith under numerous aliases is now the subject of an inquiry by the Medical Board of California on the legality of prescribing drugs to someone who is using an alias.  They are also enquiring into physician misconduct allegations as well.  Dr Sandeep Kapoor is seen here in the blue shirt with Anna Nicole at Gay Pride in West Hollywood, CA in June 2005.

Denise Richards In Near Miss




Denise Richards’ car door gets swiped as she was loading her daughter Sam into her car in Beverly Hills. Luckily the pretty pair were not hurt but the car was damaged and needed to be towed. Richie Sambora came to Denise’s rescue and helped load up another car with their belongings. “We’re not hurt” said Denise and Sam seemed quite happy munching on her cupcake.

Posh Pandemonium




Posh causes pandemonium as she leaves the Ivy in LA. Fans and photographers crowded round the exit waiting for a glimpse of her. In true posh style,Victoria Beckham left the restaurant pouting and posing her way through the throng with the help of bodyguards. After the one hour pit stop she went back the house hunting in Beverly Hills.

Maria Sharapova is Goodwill Ambassador


Tennis star Maria Sharapova will play the role of goodwill ambassador for the UN Development Program.  Sharapova’s mother was still pregnant with her when the family evacuated their home after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident.   Sharapova obviously turned out ok and wants to give back to the community with a $100,000 gift to support the recovery of the area.  The donation will help young people suffering from the lingering effects of the accident.

The Robster in Rehab


As UK Superstar Robbie Williams turned 33 years old yesterday he checked himself into an exclusive Arizona rehab clinic to be treated for prescription pill addiction after plunging into a deep depression watching his old band mates in Take That have instant success with their hit reunion tour and album, leaving his latest solo efforts on the skids.  Insecure Williams downed more and more prescription pills to cope as he watched the fans welcome the hit 90’s boyband back with open arms without him taking part.

Manic depressive Williams is no stranger to rehab, he has been previously treated for his addictions to alcohol and cocaine and still has a daily battle against his demons.  He has fought constant weight issues, and has dated a string of beauties  such as supermodel Rachel Hunter and UK socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson but has never been able to secure a long term relationship with reports taken as far as saying he is gay but has yet to “come out of the closet”.

The singer is reportedly taking sleeping pills as he finds it impossible to get to sleep until 4 or 5am due to insomnia. He is also hooked on the powerful and controversial anti-depressant Seroxat, which has been linked to suicidal tendencies in teenagers.

He also reportedly gets through an incredible daily intake of 20 cans of red bull energy drink,  36 super-strength double espresso coffees and 60 Silk Cut cigarettes.

Sort it out Robbie!