Demi Moore

2014 LACMA Art+Film Gala

Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Salma Hayek, Kate Beckinsale, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Amy Adams and Kirsten Dunst look amazing in beautiful gowns as they attend the 2014 LACMA Art+Film Gala held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles.

Rumer & Demi “Sisterly” Night Out

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore look more like sisters than mother & daughter as they arrive hand-in-hand at Tribeca Film’s “Palo Alto” Los Angeles Premiere held at the Director’s Guild of America in Los Angeles.

Rumor looked trendy in a black leather jacket paired with black jeans, a white top and accessorized with a black hat, black purse and animal print ankle boots. Demi looked quite youthful in a black mini-dress showing off her toned legs and accessorized with a black blazer, animal print high heels and dark shades. The duo appeared in great spirits as they smiled for the cameras.

Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Inaugural Gala

The stars shined at the Inaugural Gala for the Wallis Annenberg Center for The Performing Arts in Beverly Hills last night.

Celebrities that graced the carpet included the lovely Charlize Theron, Gwen Stefani with her hunky husband Gavin Rossdale, Demi Moore in a floor length navy blue shimmery dress and also wearing blue was Amy Adams in a beautiful knee length sequenced dress.

Two-time Academy Award winner and three-time Golden Globe winner Jodie Foster wore a bronze colored jacket over a black top matched with black satin pants, ankle high heels and a black purse.

Ashton Kutcher Snatches Up Ultra Modern $10.8 Million Lake Hollywood Mansion

“Two And A Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher has a new place to call home, after purchasing the extremely sleek and modern Lake Hollywood home he’s been renting for a mere $10.8 million.

Kutcher had been renting the home for $50 thousand a month since the split from his with Demi Moore, however, after teen dream Justin Bieber took an interest in the property recently, Kutcher got serious about owning the home.

The home, which was designed by the famed Mills Studio architectural firm, boasts 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and sits on half-acre loft.

With it’s state-of-the-art kitchen and glass-floored bridges, floor-to-ceiling windows with a striking cantilevered room and balcony that open the home to views of the reservoir, Kutcher’s new home is one of the kind, modern luxury.

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Jennifer Aniston Arrives To The Red Carpet Premiere Of Lifetime’s Five

Jennifer Aniston hit the red carpet in New York City last night to support her latest endeavor as executive producer and co-director of Lifetime’s “Five.”

In addition to Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys also had a hand in directing the film.  “Five” tells the emotional story of five different women’s struggle with breast cancer.

The film marks Jennifer Aniston’s directorial debut, maybe that’s why she celebrated by wearing a simple, all black ensemble with a lacy black bra.

Alicia Keys showed up in a lacy black number of her own, so maybe they planned it out.  Regardless, they both looked as fantastic as the film is sure to be.

Olivia Wilde, Lea Michelle, Eva Longoria & Demi Moore Attend Variety’s Women Of Power

Olivia Wilde and Lea Michele were two of the women honored at Variety’s Women Of Power event presented by Lifetime at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

In addition to them, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Love-Hewitt came out to support powerful women doing powerful things.

This red carpet was about more than good looking people wearing fantastic outfits, but women taking a stand for social causes that they believe in.

Wilde is the face of Artists For Peace And Change, while Michele is a PETA spokesperson, however together they are the faces of humanity and beauty, as noted from their presence on the red carpet.

Demi & Ashton Sighting!

Demi Moore and hubby Ashton Kutcher were spotted walking the streets of Park City Utah earlier today, all bundled up with warm clothes to ward of the winter weather enjoying the scenes at Sundance.

In other news…….It appears that Ashton grew up in, well, let’s say a natural environment where if you feel the need to alleviate  yourself, you do. This seems to have stuck as Ashton recently commented on Jay Leno’s show that he likes to urinate in his backyard while taking in the scenery. Only problem is that caught the attention of a wealthy neighbor who wrote the actor a letter accusing him of urinating on his property.

Ashton’s reply….

“I mentioned it on a talk show and then got a letter from a neighbour saying “It’s illegal in Los Angeles to urinate on blah blah… you urinated on my property. And I was like, “No, I urinated on MY property.” So I feel this is a legal issue now.’

No Strings Attached

The movie may say No Strings Attached, but it seems like the film’s stars love to couple up!

While at the LA premiere of the romantic comedy, mother-to-be Natalie Portman was all smiles as she spoke to reporters on the red carpet and said of her pregnancy following her role in Black Swan…

‘I told Darren [Aronofsky], I was like, “First you got me skinny, and now you’re getting my fat,” because he introduced me to my fiance. It’s the greatest gift he ever gave me.’

Following the newly engaged actress, co-star Ashton Kutcher and wife of five years Demi Moore, who showed off her killer bod, looked very much in love as they held hands…

Demi LOL

Demi Moore was spotted filming scenes for her new movie with Miley Cyrus called LOL.

Demi looked lovely in a white trench coat and high heels (which she struggled with on the steps at one point).

Demi Visits Ashton

Demi Moore pays a visit the the set of Friends With Benefits which her hubby Ashton Kutcher is currently filming with Natalie Portman.

Demi brought along a ball so Ashton could later have a game of fetch with a pooch.

Did you hear that one of her Ms Moore’s movie hits is going to be remade? Ghost is schedule for a revamp and is going to be filmed in Japan starting next month.

The Premiere of The Jonses

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher attended the premiere of The Joneses at the ArcLight Cinemas last night. Ashton must have been pretty excited about the event, because it looks like he broke out his lucky yellow socks to wear on the red carpet.

As for Demi, she recently expressed her anger towards the media for claiming she spends thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. If looking good and living well is the best revenge, she definitely got hers — love that pink dress!

Celebs Come Out En Masse For A Night at Sardi’s

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attended the 18th Annual “A Night at Sardi’s” Fundraiser and Awards Dinner last night at the Beverly Hilton, which benefited the Alzheimer’s Association. Of course, they weren’t the only ones to come out to support such a great cause! Get a load of this guest list: Seth Rogan, Lauren Miller, Chris Pine, Shenae Grimes, Thomas Dekker, Samantha Harris and Michael Hess all showed up, too.

In semi-related news, is Seth Rogan getting really hot or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Maybe he’ll give us all a thrill and go shirtless for a scene or two in The Green Lantern!

A Party For A Beautiful Lie

I’m not sure what A Beautiful Lie is (movie? Play? An actual fib?), but there was a party in its honor last night in NYC. Mischa Barton was there, and the poor girl had so much extra fabric on her dress, she had to carry it around separately. Tragic. Whoever got her photograph should probably hold onto that, because in another couple of years it’ll probably go for upwards of $5 on Ebay. Those things are like savings bonds, you’ve gotta let them mature.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were also in attendance. At 46-years-old, Demi’s legs are in better shape than some 26-year-olds I know. Oh, who am I kidding? Her legs are better than mine. There, I said it. She’s like the bionic woman or something, she technically gets older every year, but her body doesn’t really age. What’s worse is that she’s such a nice person, I can’t really hate her for it. Plus, her dress is really cute.

Snaps from the Sorority Row Premiere

Yesterday, we (exclusively!) told you that Rumer Willis is in La La Land. Now, we know why — the premiere of Sorority Row was last night! So, did she bring her sexyhot boyfriend with her as a date? NO! In a move that totally broke my heart (because I can look at pictures of Micah Alberti all day), she brought her mom and her giant chin.

From now on, Rumer should really think twice about being photographed next to her mom. When your mother is Demi freakin’ Moore, you’ll always look 2nd best in family photos.

Snaps from the Spread Premiere

Last night was the LA premiere of Spread, and the celebrities came out en masse for the event. And by en masse, I mean that the Moore/Kutcher family was there, along with some of my favorite people from the 80s (I’m talking to you, Corey Feldman). And Soleil Moon Frye! I haven’t seen her since I watched a Punky Brewster rerun in the mid 90s!

Cartier Celebrates its 100th Anniversary in America

Cartier celebrated its 100th anniversary in America last night, and a ton of people came out for the event. The shindig featured an exhibit of “Cartier: 100 Years of Passion and Free Spirit in America” at the flagship store (which is now a historic landmark) in New York City showcased 100 unique Cartier creations, including many from private collections.

As expected for something like this, the celebs came out en masse. Elton John was there, sparkling brighter and prettier than any Cartier diamond, and Demi Moore also showed up. Why’s her smile so wonky? It looks more like a grimace than a grin!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake went to the event together, but I keep hearing rumors that they’re on the outs. Maybe there’s no truth to what everyone is saying?

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Demi, Ashton and Bruce Willis

willis_kutcher_moore_mx0022809_356.jpg Please link to

It was family date night for exes Demi Moore and Bruce Willis the other night in Century City, California…except instead of just going with each other, they brought their other significant others. Demi brought Ashton (who she hid behind) and Bruce brought his girlfriend, Emma Heming.

Modern love is crazy, isn’t it?

Ashton and Demi Dress Up as Giant Boobs (insert your own joke here)

11308-ashton-kutcher.jpg Please link to

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore spent Halloween at the night club Bordeaux, dressed up as a pair of giant boobs. It’s almost as if the two of them together aren’t even newsworthy any more, so they got together and decided to do something “edgy” and “funny” to get the photographer’s attention. Next thing you know, they’re on a celebrity gossip blog like this one and their fame is extended for another few minutes.

Ugh. I can’t believe I feel into their trap. The last time I posted about these two was in May!