Halle Berry

Carousel Of Hope

It was quite a night on the red carpet in LA yesterday for the 32nd Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball.

Not only was Penny “Legs” Lancaster showing of her bump with Rod Stewart but Halle Berry looks to have gone official Oliver Martinez.

Paris Hilton walked the carpet in a pretty pale pink frock but appears to have dress envy as she posted this on her twitter “JLo is so gorgeous! I am obsessed with the dress she’s wearing. Wondering what designer it is.”

Berry Nice!

Halle Berry shows off her fab figure in a blue bikini over Memorial Weekend in Miami.

Newly single Halle shows she is still smoking hot even though she tried to keep her stunning figure kind of under-wraps in a black see-through cover-up.

Revlon Run/Walk For Women

Halle Berry, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba got together yesterday along with a bunch of other good deed doing celebs at the Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run/Walk For Women at Times Square.

The annual event raises funds for beneficiaries who conduct research for types of cancer that effect women.

Halle  looked happy and as beautiful despite the recent split from boyfriend French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.

Silver Rose Gala

4_18_10_Silver Rose Gala_4.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Celebs turn out to support the Silver Rose Gala which benefits the Jenesse Center, a nonprofit organization that assists  families victimized by domestic violence.

Halle Berry, a regular face at this event, looked stunning in a figure hugging cutaway dress. Other supporters at the event included Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Jamie Foxx.

I Hope Halle Berry Washed Those Jeans…

Halle Berry met two guys for a lunch meeting yesterday at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. I have to say, this outfit is a big improvement from the getup she was caught wearing the other day. Ick, that belt still gives me the dry heaves. That said, she must really like those jeans, because she’s wearing the same pair!

Darling, you’re rich! You’re one of the few women in the world who can go shopping and get dozens of jeans that you love…take advantage of your status!

Halle Berry is House Hunting

The people of the Bay Area better get ready for a new neighbor: Halle Berry may be moving to town soon! She went house hunting in the San Fran area earlier this week, and today she checked in with her therapist. I totally get it — house hunting can be really stressful. I mean, the last apartment I had took me all of 2 days to find on Craigslist. Who can deal with that kind of stress? Not me. That’s why I wised up and moved in with somebody who already owned a home. I won’t have to move again for YEARS!

I know I’m going to get some pissy comments for this, but in these pictures Halle kind of looks like a drag queen version of herself. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen guys who look just like her dancing on the tables of our favorite gay bars at 20 minutes to close. In fact, I’m 98% sure she took one of their belts. The only reason I can tell it’s the REAL Halle is the lack of glitter and the muted eyebrows. Any drag queen worth her weight in rhinestones would have them painted halfway to her forehead, but I can’t even see Halle’s.

Hey Halle, What’re You Hiding?

Speaking of people who may or may not be hiding a pregnancy, what’s up with Halle Berry pulling every trick in the book to hide her stomach? Shopping bags? A loose, flowing dress? You’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see what’s going on here.

C’mon, Halle. You’re really not fooling anyone anymore. You’ll probably get less attention if you have your publicist make an announcement. Embrace the situation! You’re one of the prettiest possibly pregnant ladies we’ve ever seen!

When’s Halle Berry Going to Admit It?

Can we please address the pink, sparkley elephant in the room? Because that’s possibly not a shadow I see across Halle Berry’s belly — that could be a friggin’ baby bump! Halle doesn’t seem like the type to make a baby announcement on the cover of US Weekly for some spare cash, so maybe we will hear some kind of anouncement soon?

Still, if it were to happen, I bet it won’t be for at least another month.

Halle Berry Peaces Out of Miami

After spending the week in Miami with her family, Halle Berry left Miami while carrying her daughter (and simultaneously hiding her stomach). After our exclusive shots hit the Internet earlier this week, everyone’s been speculating that she might be carrying another kid.

I mean, why else would she wear a dress style bathing suit? Those types of things are made for two kinds of people only: the BBWs (look it up if you don’t know what it means) and the preggo. And Halle Berry is definitely not a BBW.

MavrixOnline Exclusive: A Halle Berry Kind Of Day

You know who I love? Halle Friggin’ Berry. She’s an amazing actress, as well as a beautiful person inside and out. Plus, I’m having a Halle Berry kind of day…so, I’m going to dedicate three (count ’em!) posts to her. Oh, and did I mention these were exclusive shots?

This is the first, showing Halle, her uberhot man Gabriel Aubry and their daughter, Nahla take, a walking  by the water in South Beach. Enjoy!

Halle Berry is Every Guy’s Choice

Halle Berry was at Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice event last night, which was billed as a one-night-only event for guys where the year’s most hotly debated rivalries from the world of sports, comedy, film, internet and more go up against one with original categories that embody everything that matters in the kindom of testosterone at Sony Studios.

Jason Statham and Hayden Panettiere were also there.

Snaps from the Silver Rose Gala and Auction

rose_MX004192009_1.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Ashanti, Halle Berry and Wayne Brady attended the Jenesse Silver Rose Gala and Auction at the Beverly Hills Hotel last night. At the event, spokesperson Halle Berry announced a $250,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation to benefit the Jenesse Center’s Career Transitions Program, which empowers domestic violence survivors to use Web-based training and other computer technology to gain the job skills needed to become economically self-sufficient.

It’s a fantastic cause, and I’m glad these three were able to lend their star power to it.

Congratulations To New Mom Halle Berry!


Oscar-winning star Halle Berry reportedly gave birth to her first child on Sunday. The baby girl and mom are doing great according to Halle’s rep. The name of the baby and location have not been made public. The father, 32-year-old Gabriel Aubry, met the 41-year-old Berry on the set of a Versace commercial the two filmed together in Los Angeles in 2005.

Halle’s Berry Pregnant


blog_pregnant_berry01.jpg blog_pregnant_berry03.jpg blog_pregnant_berry05.jpg

A glowing Halle Berry got in some shopping in Beverly Hills and Century City yesterday. And, according to reports, she’s so in love with being pregnant, she wants to stay that way forever. The Oscar-winner has reportedly revealed that she’s thrilled with her opportunity for motherhood and that her hormones are working in her favor. “Right now I have so much joy and energy. I can just go and go and go,” she says, “My skin is aglow from all the hormones. I actually wear less make-up now, which is really good. I want to stay pregnant forever.”