Jared Leto

2014 Academy Awards Red Carpet

The glitz and glamour could be found in every corner of the red carpet area as celebrities arrived for this year’s Oscars ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood tonight. The stars were out and shining bright as they arrived for one of the most anticipated Academy Awards ever.

Angelina Jolie looked as elegant as ever in an Elle Saab gown as she arrived with Brad Pitt. Nominee Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous in a navy Alexander McQueen gown. Olivia Wilde and Elsa Pataky showed off their baby bumps in beautifully designed gowns as they arrived with Chris Hemsworth and Jason Sudeikis, respectively. Other celebrities showing their glamour on the red carpet included Amy Adams, Kristen Bell, Jessica Biel, Cate Blanchett, Bono, Kristin Chenoweth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Meryl Streep, Channing Tatum with Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Kerry Washington and Naomi Watts.

17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards

The stars came out last night for the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Honorees Sandra Bullock and Jake Gyllenhaal were joined on the red carpet by fellow superstars that included Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Harrison Ford, Jane Fonda, Julia Roberts, Angela Bassett, Jared Leto and Juliette Lewis.

Jared Leto Performs at the Reading Festival

Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars performed at day one of the Reading Festival in Reading, UK earlier today. I’ll tell you what, Jordan Catalano can point his studded biker jacket-clad arm at me any day and I’ll swoon like it’s the 18th century and somebody just offended my delicate sensibilities. The hairline, the eyes, the voice, the style…I’m in love with all of it, and I want a second helping.

Help Us Find Shannon Leto’s Bike!!

According to Jared Leto’s recent twitter post a bike thief stole brother Shannon Leto’s bike last night whilst they were in Miami Beach performing with their band 30 Seconds to Mars.  Jared tweeted, “I HOPE WHOEVER STOLE SHANNONS BIKE LAST NIGHT IN MIAMI ROTS IN F**ING HELL. XO  P.S. IF YOU FIND THE B*STARD YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO”.

Bike thefts are rife in Miami Beach with this happening all of the time!!  We were lucky enough to catch up with the brothers earlier in the day whilst they took a bike ride before the theft.  Shannon is seen here riding the bike we believe was stolen.

Please help us find Shannon’s bike and if you find it please let us know asap so we can get it returned to him!!

Update: Be on the lookout for a silver Swobo Sanchez, not many of these around in Miami Beach!

30 Seconds Do Miami

Jared Leto may have been suffering from a sore throat but that didn’t stop him and his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, from putting on a fantastic show last night in Miami at the Fillmore.

The actor turned full time rock star treated the gals in the crowd to a flash of his perfectly chiseled abs,  also got a huge part of the crowd up on stage with him at the end of the show during Kings and Queens and singled out one lucky 10 year old boy to sing with him earlier in the night.

Hope you get your voice back soon Jared!

Yup, Jared Leto is Still Hot

Jared Leto and his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, performed live last night at KOKO in Camden, Lontontown!.    The band played songs from their highly anticipated new album This Is War, and Jared reminded me why I had posters of him all over my walls in high school. Jordan Catalano is still one of the hottest characters to ever grace the small screen!

Jared Leto? Is That You?

gt_mx001022009_1.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Gerard Butler wasn’t the only one covered up at the beach yesterday. Jared Leto rolled down to South Beach wearing…that. The crazy homeless man who lives outside of my favorite 7-11 would be embarrassed to be photographed wearing that getup! And he lives outside of a 7-11!

The look that the lady in the black polo is giving says more than I ever could. I think she’s even clutching her purse, in case he trys anything funny. While we’re on the subject of innocent bystanders, how tall is that kid in the red? Like, 9 feet tall?

I Bet Jared Leto Didn’t See This Coming

82208-jared-leto.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Jared Leto has been all up in the news lately, but at least this time it’s for something positive. Last night at the Kerrang! Awards, his band 30 Seconds to Mars took home two prestigious new trophies: one for Best International Band, the other for Best Single.

I didn’t know that his band was all that great. To me, he’ll always be Jordan Catalano, breaker of all teenage hearts (circa 1995, but still!). I guess congratulations are in order, so congrats to Jared and his bandmates.

Jared Leto Speaks Out About $30m Lawsuit

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Jared Leto took to his official blog to elaborate on his side of the Virgin Records/30 Seconds to Mars $30 million lawsuit. Surprisingly, he’s really rather literate! Most of these celeb blogs are painful to read (I’ll be posting a stunning example of a bad blog later…stay tuned). This is what the former Jordan Castellano had to say:

“Yes we have been sued by EMI. But NOT for failing to deliver music or for ‘quitting’. We have been sued by the corporation quite simply because roughly 45 days ago we exercised our legal right to terminate our old, out of date contract, which, according to the law is null and void.

We terminated for a number of reasons, which we won’t go into here (we’d rather not air any dirty laundry) but basically our representatives could not get EMI to agree to make a fair and reasonable deal.

A few things to note…

If you think the fact that we have sold in excess of 2 million records and have never been paid a penny is pretty unbelievable, well, so do we. And the fact that EMI informed us that not only aren’t they going to pay us AT ALL but that we are still 1.4 million dollars in debt to them is even crazier. That the next record we make will be used to pay off that old supposed debt just makes you start wondering what is going on. Shouldn’t a record company be able to turn a profit from selling that many records? Or, at the very least, break even? We think so.

That, and other issues, like the new regime at EMI firing most of the people we know and love, wanting to place advertisements on our website, EMI owning 100 percent of the masters of our record…forever, and basically having a revolving door of regimes at the company made it easy to not want to continue as is.

As the result of this takeover – and the firing of over 2000 employees – we have lost many of the people that were near and dear to us at Virgin/EMI and crucial to the success of 30 Seconds to Mars. A few of the great ones are still there, but it is hardly the same company we have known. After more than 5 regime changes in 9 years you’d think we would be used to the inconsistency, but the team that took the journey together for A Beautiful Lie was a very very special group of people and it’s a huge loss that so many of them are gone. (Quick fact: There is not a single employee at Virgin Records who was working at the company when we signed.)

FYI Virgin/EMI was not required to make this lawsuit public or to list such an egregiously and stupendously large amount of mullah. In fact, they were not required to set any price even close to this. We did not want to take this public, but we felt it best to explain our point of view to you, our
friends and fans, in hope that you can better understand our point of view.

We would always do our best to avoid a fight, but sometimes it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. We hope that by doing what’s right we can help to change things for the better, for ourselves and possibly others.

P.S. We will always remain grateful to the people at Virgin/EMI who were so integral to our success. And we hope that, above all, we can find a resolution to this in as civil and kind a way as possible.

There are certainly more important things out there in the world to spend time and energy on.”

To be continued…

Jared Leto
30 Seconds to Mars

If this is all true, maybe Jared isn’t as screwed as I thought he was!

Jared Leto is Getting Sued. Really, Really Sued.

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I’m all for the “go big or go home” mentality when it comes to stuff like drinking, failing organic chemistry and drinking even more, but not so much when it comes to getting sued. Jared Leto doesn’t seem to share my opinion on that matter. In fact, his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, is getting sued for $30 million. No, not for having such a stupid name.

His record label, Virgin Records, is claiming that the band has failed to deliver the three records it was contractually obligated to produce. The last hot mess of a record that they released was in 2005.

I’m no lawyer, but I’ve seen a few episodes of Law and Order, so I feel qualified to give an expert opinion on the matter: sounds like Jared is up a creek without a paddle. Does he even have $30 million?

Sienna On The Jared Leto Diet?



blog_MX0041709.jpg blog_MX0083008.jpg blog_MX0056952.jpg

Sienna Miller reportedly gained seven pounds for her new film Hippie Hippie Shake and is now seeking the advice of Jared Leto to help her lose the extra weight.

What’s Jared’s advice? “Curry powder and lots of sex.” According to him, he lost 14 pounds in a month from by mixing mixing water with curry powder and combining it with lots of sex.

The sex part is all good, but drinking curry-flavored water? I don’t think so.

Jared Leto Rocks Hard


Jared Leto broke his nose and sustained other minor injuries 30 Seconds To Mars Concert on March 1.  The singer hurled himself at the crowd and was overwhelmed by fans.  In spite of this Jared is alleged to have said it was one of the best concerts ever.  Dude, that’s intense!