Rihanna Last Girl on Earth Tour

Grammy Award and World Music Award winning R&B pop singer Rihanna performs live during the first night of her US Last Girl on Earth Tour at the Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena.

The 22-year-old Barbadian babe donned numerous costumes for her act, including a white patterned bodysuit and a sexy black PVC suit with thigh-high boots.

According to reports the Last Girl on Earth Tour, which features pop singer Ke$ha, has recently pulled a few dates from its calendar amid rumors of poor ticket sales, but that didn’t seem to stop Rihanna from giving it her all for her California fans.

Apart from her music Rihanna is showing her charitable side, having recently teamed up with fellow musician Alicia Keys to help raise awareness for the young Broadway starlet Shannon Tavarez who needs a bone marrow transplant.

Rihanna Pulls The Wool!

Must have been one of those chilly Greek evenings at Karaiskaki Stadium in Athens for girl-fren’ to pull out her wooly jumper…………..RIHANNA STYLE!!.

As part of the European leg of her Last Girl On Earth tour, the sexy singer warmed things up to SCORCHIO with some red hot bump and grind moves while on stage, clad in a grey wool cutaway bodysuit, thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings.

Rihanna Rolls with Security

Holy bodyguards, Batman!

Rihanna was hanging out in Beverly Hills yesterday, and everywhere she went she was surrounded by security guards. And what a security team they are! Check out that bald guy — I wouldn’t want to tangle with him under any circumstances!

The singer’s Rude Boy still leads Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart in it’s fourth week at the top. Considering how hot Rihanna is right now, it makes sense that she’s protecting herself like this.

Did Rihanna Stiff Her Personal Trainer?

Is Rihanna’s incredible body the subject of a big legal battle? According to the reports, yes! Word on the street is that Rihanna failed to pay her personal trainer, Cindy Percival. Percival has filed a lawsuit claiming the singer owes her $26,144.14 in unpaid wages from 2009.

She claims she was hired to perform “exclusive personal training services” for the pop superstar at $1,500 per day and never received payment for the work she did in September and October. In the suit, Cindy is also asking for $2,644.14 in travel expenses for travel throughout Europe to keep up with Rihanna’s vigorous schedule.

Who knew looking so good was so expensive? With that kind of money, you could buy a really nice home gym!

Rihanna’s Performance at Pepsi’s Super Bowl Fan Jam

Rihanna performed live in concert last night at Pepsi’s Super Bowl Fan Jam in South Beach, Florida.  Did you see the show? She took to the stage in a futuristic catsuit and fishnet tights — super hot!

Plus, it looked like halfway through the performance her earpiece stopped working. Still, Rihanna totally killed the performance, even though it’s likely she couldn’t hear herself at all. If that’s not the sign of a true pro, I don’t know what is!

NRJ Music Awards

While a lot of people from Hollywood are at the Sundance Film Festival, Rihanna spent the weekend in Cannes for the NRJ Music Awards. Rihanna’s known for her edgier style, but last night she really outdid herself on the red carpet. That peek-a-boo dress is amazing!

The NRJ Music Awards drew lots of other big names beside Rihanna.  Fergie, Robbie Williams, Kelly Rowland, Victoria Silvstedt and Dita Von Teese, that dress- WOWZA!!

Rihanna’s Ready to Help Out Haiti

Rihanna arrives in London today, where she is to take part in a-star studded telethon to raise funds for Haiti. She must have dropped everything she was doing to be a part of it, because she came in from Norway. What’s in Norway?

Jay-Z, Coldplay and Bono also agreed to perform tomorrow to raise funds for the earthquake-stricken nation. The telethon is being put together by George Clooney, and everyone who is anyone is taking part in the event. Can’t wait to phone in my donation!

Rihanna Relaxes in Barbados

Rihanna spent the holidays in her homeland of Barbados, and yesterday our cameras caught her relaxing on the beach with her friends and family. If there’s anyone who can wear the hell out of a hot pink bikini, it’s Rihanna.

After spending time on the beach, everyone boarded a boat at sunset and headed off into the water. If things keep going the way they have been for Rihanna, she’ll continue to dominate the charts well into the new decade!

Snaps from the 2009 AMA Awards

The 2009 AMA Awards were held last night at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, and everyone who is anyone was there. Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Shakira, Rihanna, Fergie, Carrie Underwood, the Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Kristen Bell…the list goes on and on!

Although everyone looked fab on the red carpet, the star of the night was Nicole Kidman. That dress makes her body look so long and sleek, it’s ridiculous!

Exclusive! Rihanna Royal Caribbean

Rihanna looks amazing as she posed for our camera outside Central Park on Royal Caribbeans largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas before her performance at the ship’s unveiling.  Central Park is one of seven ‘neighborhoods’ on the luxury liner. It contains more than 12,000 trees, plants, flowers and vines.

This cruise ship sounds absolutely amazing. 12,000 trees? On a ship? Are you kidding me? Who even thought of that? Fabulous.

Rihanna Unveils the Oasis of the Seas

No, not the band (although that’s the first thing I thought of, too). I only wish Oasis would get back together! Anyway…

The Oasis of the Seas is the biggest cruise liner Royal Carribbean has ever produced, and Rihanna helped unveil it in style yesterday. She performed for a huge crowd, and was the first star to ever perform in the ship’s Opal Theater. The neckline of her dress is absolutely stunning and the boots, well need I say more??!!!

Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna Walk Out of Mahiki

Sounds like the opening to a bad joke, right? It really happened last night!

Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna all left Mahiki in London’s Mayfair last night surrounded by bodyguards.  The trio partied to celebrate the launch of Rihanna’s Rated X album and Beyonce’s sold out show at the O2 arena. Definitely two things worth celebrating! Congrats to both ladies!

Rihanna’s Rated R Album Launch London Gig

Rihanna left her big album launch gig at Brixton Academy amid screaming fans in London today. She returned to the stage for 5,000 fans at the venue and millions around the word via Nokia’s live web stream (how cool is that?!).  The set list consisted of 9 new and old songs, with special guests Jeezy and Jay-Z.  Her fourth studio album, Rated R, will be released on November 23rd.

Snaps from the Women of the Year Awards

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards were held last night at Carnegie Hall in NYC, and some of the most famous women in the industry were there to be honored. Rihanna, Maria Schriver, Amy Poehler, Serena Williams, Katharine McPhee.

All the ladies brought their A-Game to the red carpet — how fab does Amy Poehler look? It wasn’t that long ago that she had her baby, but you’d never guess it.

Snaps from the UK Premiere of Inglorious Basterds

Last night was the UK premiere of Inglorious Basterds, and it was kind of surprising to see who was there and who wasn’t there. Let’s do a quick roll call, shall we?

Rihanna? There (and looking totally fabulous)!

Quentin Tarantino? There!

Diane Kruger? There!

Mickey Rourke? There!

Brad Pitt, who is the star of the film? …Bueller? …Bueller?

Where was Brad?!

Chris Brown Pleaded Guilty!

Well color me surprised, because I definitely didn’t see this one coming! Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna, and now he’s got to spend 180 days doing community service in his home state of Virginia. So, the next time you’re driving through the state (I just did last week), wave to the people you see on the side of the road in orange jumpsuits picking up trash. You may just be waving at Chris Brown.

Of course, that’s not all of his punishment. He’ll also be on probation for five years, and he has to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times. If he breaks any part of his probation, he’ll be making toilet wine and radiatior grilled cheese sandwiches in jail for four years. Rihanna never had to testify.