Victoria Beckham

Viva Forever – The Spice Girls Musical

Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, made quite the ‘posh’ entrance on the red carpet at press night of ‘Viva Forever’, a musical based on the music of The Spice Girls at Piccadilly Theatre. Posh arrived with husband David Beckham and family, separate from the rest of the girls. Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Gerri Halliwell and Melanie Chisholm arrived together, walking the red carpet, smiling and looking glamorous and colorful.

The Spice Girls Reunite At Olympic Closing Ceremony

Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown of ‘The Spice Girls’ reunite at the star-studded closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The spicy ladies sang their hits “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life” while riding around the Olympic Stadium atop bedazzled taxi cabs.

This marks the first time the British 90’s group has performed together since their reunion tour more than four years ago.

Victoria made a appearance earlier in the show when one of her designs appeared in the portion of the evening honoring British fashion.

Victoria Beckham and Romeo Return From Paris

Ever stylish, Victoria Beckham wears a simple, but elegant white top and black trousers as she arrives at St. Pancras Station in London upon return from a trip to Paris. Victoria kept her arm around son Romeo’s shoulder as the two made their way through the station. In Paris for a Chanel haute couture photo shoot, she took Romeo along for some mother-son quality time. The trip wasn’t all business, though. While there, the two stopped in a the funfair and went for a ride on the Le Grande Roue (ferris wheel) to check out the beautiful, sweeping views of the city.

The Beckhams Do Wimbledon

David and Victoria Beckham sit side by side to watch Wimbledon in London together and while David was spotted grinning during the match, Victoria kept her usual composure, however she did slip an arm around her hunky husband at one point.

The couple are getting ready to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday tomorrow and I am guessing there is going to be one huge party.

Victoria Beckham London Photo Call For Viva Forever

Victoria Beckham steps out in London for a press call with the rest of her Spice Girl.

VB was at the ‘Viva Forever’ Press Launch which is the new musical based on the ‘Spice Girls’ songs….. for a minute there I got excited, I thought they were reforming!

Victoria, as ever, was dressed stylishly for the photo op wearing a sleek black dress and peep toe shoes.

David Beckham Brings Sons Romeo & Brooklyn To The 2011 Sun Military Awards

International superstar David Beckham looked dapper with sons Brooklyn and Romeo in tote as they all spend the evening alongside Prince William & the Duchess of Cambridge at the 2011 Sun Military Awards.

The boys were dashing mini me versions of their father, wearing suits and ties, while papa Beckham opted for a classic tuxedo with a perfect bow tie.

The Beckham clan had returned from Los Angeles earlier in the day, as they were spotted at Heathrow airport, to spend the rest of the holiday season at home in London.

It appears that Brooklyn and Romeo were the lucky Beckham children that got to get  dressed up and spend the evening rubbing elbows with some of the most famous names in the world, while little Cruz & new sister Harper stayed at home with mother, Victoria.


Victoria Beckham & Kate Moss Celebrate Style At The 2011 British Fashion Awards

Britain’s leading ladies for what to wear, Victoria Beckham & Kate Moss were on hand at the 2011 British Fashion Awards where the fine art of dressing was highlighted all night.

Beckham, who only gave birth to her fourth child a few months ago stunned in a simple, yet elegant back baring black dress that showed no hint of having been pregnant, ever.

Ingenue Kate Moss looked classic and effortless in a silver shift dress covered with a mesh netting giving the overall look a contemporary update.

Sarah Burton, the designer responsible for Kate Middelton’s wedding dress, took home the award for Designer Of The Year, and with such a hefty accomplishment of continuing Alexander McQueen’s vision, it’s not wonder.


Victoria Beckham is So Hard Core for Fashion

When you’re a celebrity mother, you often become a master at multitasking. Telling nannies what to do, always looking your best for the paparazzi and going out to fabulous movie premieres with your hot celebrity significant other isn’t an easy task — and certainly not in 6″ heels. But somehow, Victoria Beckham manages to make it all look easy.

Victoria and her new daughter, Harper Seven, are in NYC for New York Fashion Week (have to start them early!) and she was carrying the baby while wearing 6″ Christian Louboutin daffodil platform heels. That looks like it’d be an accident waiting to happen, but she didn’t even drop the kid once!

Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Oscar Bash

There are house parties and there are house parties…the annual Diane von Furstenberg pre-Oscar star-studded bash is definitely the latter.

Former Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi and pregnant Victoria Beckham and her handsome hubby David were just some of the LA elite to attend the afternoon Beverly Hills party.

Eva Longoria, preggers Jessica Alba and aspiring fashion designer Nicky Hilton were also seen getting in to their cars as they left the fun gathering.

Jonas Vs Beckhams

The Jonas Brothers put on a free concert over the weekend for a crowd of screaming fans, question is… who were the fans screaming for?

Our spy tells us that all eyes were turned to the famous Beckham gang who watched the performance from a balcony.

The kids, Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz, really seemed to enjoy the show, so at least someone was watching the concert!

Victoria Beckham Isn’t Very Sneaky

Victoria Beckham tried her best to get sneaky earlier today by taking an alley exit while running errands with her bodyguards in Beverly Hills. Pro tip: maybe next time leave the entourage at home? That said, I’m not even sure she could evade photographers by herself. A person as fabulous as Victoria Beckham is easy to spot!

Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Know the Glitter Rule?

While Gwen Stefani was pimping her L.A.M.B. line at Bloomingdale’s last night, Victoria Beckham was doing the same thing at Bergdorf Goodman. Apparently, Vicki doesn’t know the glitter rule? Where I’m from, there are only two days that you’re allowed to wear glitter when you’re over the age of 16: New Year’s Eve and Halloween. Or maybe she just thought it was Halloween? I see she’s doing her best Gollum impression for the reporter from Extra, so it’s a definite possibility.

As soon as I started going through the rest of the pics, I immediately forgave her for the glitter. She deserves mad props and a shout out for being able to wear those boots like that. Hot, haute, hot!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala

It’s that time of year again….no, not Cinco de Mayo (although I’ll be enjoying a margarita while celebrating that in a few hours)!

It’s the time of year when the Metropolitan Museum of Art throws its Costume Institute Gala! Regarded as fashion’s equivalent to the Oscars, the event’s theme this year is The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion

Everyone gets all dressed up for the occasion, and Kate Hudson absolutely killed on the red carpet. Her gold dress must have been woven from Jesus’ hair or something, because it’s seriously perfect. Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, Winona Rider, Stella McCartney and Milla Jovovich also made appearances.

The Beckhams Are Back!

beckhams_mx004102009_1.jpg Please link to

In Los Angeles, at least. Victoria, Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn all got into LAX yesterday after spending some time in London. The family was surrounded by bodyguards and staff who guided them through the crowd to their waiting vehicle. Brooklyn and Romeo walked hand-in-hand, each carrying his own soccer ball (aw!), while Victoria carried little Cruz.

So cute!

Cruz Beckham is the Cutest Thing I’ve Seen All Week

111208-victoria-beckham.jpg Please link to

I know the week is fairly early, but still! How cute are Victoria and Cruz together? The duo got into the holiday spirit by wearing matching outfits: Victoria dressed like an elf and Cruz dressed like Santa’s little helper!

I guess Victoria Beckham doesn’t exactly look like an elf, but the green minidress and the pointy boots make it easy to draw the comparison. Plus, she’s really, really tiny. I can’t believe she was able to pick up her son (while wearing those heels!!!) and not topple over. I roll my ankle when I wear heels even half that tall.

Victoria Beckham is Back in the U.S.

11908-victoria-beckham.jpg Please link to

Victoria Beckham came back to the States yesterday, and she was escorted by both airport security and a very protective bodyguard. That bodyguard of hers reminds me of the time I saw two gangs of gay men fistfight in Baltimore on New Year’s Eve (yeah…I know. Don’t ask.). He looks like the type of guy who will beat you down in a heartbeat, but then go home and take a relaxing oatmeal bath (surrounded by vanilla scented votive candles) while show tunes play in the background. He’d probably even have cucumber slices over his eyes.

Her outfit is HAWT, though. The corduroy hat with the trench is sheer genius, and the sunglasses are fantastic. She’s a great style icon, to be sure.

The Beckhams Are Leaving Us!

102208-peace-out-beckhams.jpg Please link to

The Beckham family is peacing out of America soon, and will set up shop in the faaabulous city of Milan, Italy. David is going to play soccer, and Victoria is going to go shopping! Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, so it’s no wonder that reports are coming back that Victoria is cool with the move.

For right now, the move is only temporary. The idea is that David will play for the AC Milan team for the first few months of ’09, and then come back to the States to play for the Galaxy. However, word on the street is that David really wants to play for the England national team again, and this move is supposed to signal to the head coach of the team (who is Italian, coincidentally) how serious he is about coming back.

The Beckhams Are Back!

102008-beckhams.jpg Please link to

The Beckhams are back in the United States after a brief trip abroad, and I have a feeling we’re going to hear a lot more about them in the months to come. Remember how their housekeepers have allegedly been stealing stuff from the couple, and then trying to sell them on Ebay? Well, they’re not too thrilled with the allegations. June Emmet, one of the housekeepers, had this to say:

“I have known Victoria since she was a Spice Girl and even before then. Would I really take anything? I don’t think so. The story is total, total nonsense. I’m afraid we’re scapegoats because stuff has gone out of the house unfortunately.”

Oh, man. I love how British people talk. I could listen to them all day…BLIMEY! So, here’s what Mr. Emmet had to say (it helps if you read it with an accent):

“At the moment we are only allowed to say certain things until the police have finished up their investigations, but things which have happened during our time with the Beckhams can all come out. We have a lot of stories.”

I wonder what kind of stories this family has? I can’t wait to find out!